Saturday, October 1, 2011

8 years ago...

It seems like a lifetime ago but 8 years ago Kollin joined our family. I was going to post some pictures of him as a baby, but as crazy as it seems I didn't have a digital camera then:)!
He turned 8 on August 30th and it was a very very busy day for him...and us.
He got to take some treats to school and as soon as he got home we helped him celebrate some more.

He's crazy about technology, magic and Lego's. So for his birthday he got the coolest
gyro mini remote control helicopter. Its the tiniest thing but is pretty awesome.

His other new phase is Heely's. He hasn't quite mastered it yet but enjoys that he and his friends can "heely" together:)

Kollin's absolute favorite treat is to go to Cafe Rio and get some of their fabulistic "Tres Leches" cake. Usually we have the kids share one but today he was excited to get his very own.

After cake and presents Kevin took him outside to practice his heely's for a few minutes. Bless his heart, but he isn't the most coordinated person on the planet but he tried soooo hard!

We weren't able to do a party for him this year because Kevin and I were put in charge of our Ward's Summer Party. Which turned out to be that same night. So he might not have had his own party but got lucky enough to have a huge party on his birthday.

Enjoying a yummy cheeseburger.

Human Foosball.


Our handsome birthday boy!!

That night was a very very late one but we put all the other kids to bed and let him pop his balloons all by himself.

That Friday we went to Kaysville to participate in a Mud Run and Kollin got some fun magic tricks from my Mom and a Pogo stick from Kevin's parents.

Kevin and I have been battling back and forth to get the most hops and I only post this because its in my favor but I'm in the lead with 55!
Kevin attempting to beat me...

It must be the flying hair that helps me jump so much:) (yikes!)

Our lives have never been the same since Kollin joined our family and there isn't a second that goes by that I'd want it any other way. He is such a joy to our family! We're headed to Kaysville on October 8th for him to be baptized. I know there will be many many tears shed at another moment when I realize how quickly my kids are growing up! We love you Kollin!!

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Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

A pogo stick... awesome!! I can't believe Kollin is 8!! Can't wait to see you all next weekend!!