Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rafting along the Green River

This post is completely out of order but it was just too fun not to reminisce. Back in July my sister Kim came and stayed for a couple days. We've been wanting to go up to Flaming Gorge and go rafting on the Green River. So we called and ended up getting the very last raft. The water was FREEZING but kids are amazing and didn't let it bother them one bit.

Kooper hanging on to the rafts rope while we waited for Kevin to take the car down to the boat dock down the river where we'll end up.

Kaylee and Kollin excited and ready to go.

Khloe. This was the happiest she was all day. She wasn't as comfortable as the other kids on the ride. Seriously screamed every time she'd see white caps.

Kim and Khloe.

Me and the kids getting geared up.

Because it was the last raft the 7 of us had to squeeze into a 5 person raft. It was cozy for sure but I think the kids liked the comfort of being so close to us.

Finally on the river. Kim, Kaylee, Kooper and Kollin.

Kevin and Khloe.

We took a little pit stop to have a snack and let Kev fish for a while. Kim jumped into the freezing water and surprisingly enough everyone but Khloe followed.

It was simply gorgeous! Going thru some of the canyons the scenery seemed almost surreal it was so beautiful. Once we got to the end of the 7 mile ride we drove to the top and did it a second time!

Our family along the Green River.

The next day after church we went on a hike here in town that shows petroglyphs along the mountain side. It felt like 110 degrees that day but we didn't let it slow us down.

Me and the kids.

Kim and Kollin hiking along the side of the mountain.

You can kind of see the petroglyphs on the mountain side. Most of them we could make out the story they were trying to tell. Pretty neat.

This is how most of the kids ended up after the hot hot hike. Each with a small layer of clothing taken off.

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Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Wow... so much fun!! I would have been right there screaming along side with Khloe... I believe she had a good reason to scream. Although you all seemed very safe and cozy on your raft! :)