Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Man vs. Mud

The first weekend in September we headed to Logan, Utah where Kevin and I joined his family to do a 5k Mud Run.

Kyle and Brittany, Dad Ashcraft, Me and Kevin.

This was the first that we've ever done and it will definitely become an annual thing! It was such a blast!! This was our group of Ashcrafts: Kevin, Me, Brittany and Kyle, Paul, Eric Eliason, Tori Eliason, Shannon Eliason, Bruce Boehm, and Tracy Boehm.

Look how clean we were...

Kevin with his dad and brother Kyle.

There were about 4 or 5 slides through out the course, a couple army crawl spots, one trench obstacle we had to walk thru mud that was up to our chest, and lots of other fun challenges. This was us right before we slid down the last hill into the finish line mud pit!

This is our whole group in the last mud pit. The fire station was there soaking the slides and this was at the very end.

Don't we look amazing!!

Me and Kevin. (that thing on his head was one of those 'go pro' cameras. they asked him to wear it throughout the run to get footage of what it was like)

I think this was the absolute WORST part for me. This was the washing off spot and they had the water coming from the mountain stream. That water was beyond freezing!!

After we were all done the kids got to participate in their own mud run. It had a few of the same obstacles that we did but scaled down a lot!
Kaylee and Kollin.

Khloe in the foam pit. It took her a few minutes to get into it but once she did she was covered from head to toe!

Kaylee and Kollin coming out of the mud pit.

Mr. Kooper loving that he could get as dirty as he wanted (without getting in trouble)! The dirtier, the better!!

Kooper in the foam pit.


And even little miss Kaylee got covered...they had soooo much fun!

After the freezing shower they were excited to put on their new Man vs. Mud shirts!

After we went to Kevins Aunt and Uncles house there in Logan and swam for the rest of the afternoon.
Kaylee surfing...

Me, Khloe and Kollin.

Kollin surfing across the pool.

Kevin and Kooper on the diving 'stone'.

It was such an amazing day with the Ashcrafts. I really am so thankful that have such amazing family members on both sides. Spending this day with the Ashcrafts was relaxing, fun, exciting and comforting to be around people we love so much and love us back the same!

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