Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bumblebee and Back to School

I feel like I just blogged about the kids last day at school and already I'm blogging about their first day back. This summer flew by and we had a blast at every fun trip we took but I think we all needed school to start again so we'd stay home more.

On a little side note we have some friends who live by us that have a car that gets our kids all rowled up every time they see it. We first saw it at the car show here in town...It looks like Bumblebee, it sounds like Bumblebee so my kids are determined that it is the actual Bumblebee!

They were beyond excited when our friends Bill and Suzanne came over to take them for the ride of their life in it.

They had so much fun that they were smiling the rest of the night.

Now onto school...
Its funny how I get so excited for them to get back into some sort of routine, and meet more friends, and actually do something constructive each day that I forget how emotional I get every time the day actually comes for them to start school again.

We switched the kids this year to attend the school that the rest of the kids in the neighborhood attend. And I'm so glad we did! It was the brightest morning; a perfect start to a very exciting day.
Kollin started 3rd grade this year.

Kaylee started 1st grade this year and was ecstatic that she got to stay the whole day.

Oh I'm gonna treasure this picture! Kol and Kay have been best buds since they started and I hope it will bring them closer as they go each year together in school.

We only have one bus stop in our neighborhood and the other day I counted 42 kids getting on.

Kollin is beyond me following him around with a camera so Kaylee got it bad! Here's my sweetie starting her first day of 1st Grade.

Kooper started Kindergarten this year but had to wait an extra week from the other kids. It was the longest week of his life but we had a lot of fun it just being him, me and Khloe at home together. But the day finally came and Kooper was the first one to be ready to go that morning. I know its not going to be like this very long so I captured every second...

Kooper sits at the same table with two of his friends from the neighborhood so he was excited and ready for me to go. Reading books all day, play-do, drawing, recess, snacks, riding the bus...I'm starting to wish they had a Kindergarten for moms:)

I'm so proud of who my kids are becoming. Yes we have our rough days but I know I've done my best to teach them right and wrong, how to act and how to treat other people. They'll have days where they make mistakes and wrong choices, but that's all about growing up isn't it?! I am loving and treasuring every moment of them being'll be gone too fast!


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

So I know you didn't ride the bus with them to school... but there are pictures of them getting on the bus their first day of school and then of them in their classroom... did you follow the bus to school? :) I'm sure I'll be the same way when it's my turn. Love the girl sitting behind Kaylee in her classroom picture (not sure if you noticed her face). You have sure have some great kids!!

Ashcraft Adventures said...

Yup...I followed them all the way to school! Oh the things you do to get a picture to remember!