Monday, August 29, 2011

Park Hopping and $2 Tuedays

After spending the weekend with Kevin in Salt Lake he had to fly to Texas for work so the Kids and I stayed another week to spend my Birthday there with family. That Sunday after Kevin left Kaysville it seemed like the kids had and whole Sunday full of energy all bottled up so I took them Park Hopping. We've done this a lot and the kids really seem to enjoy it.

1st park...all 4 faces! Cute!

Khloe LUUVVES posing. She has the curliest hair ever (which I love) but for church this day we straightened it. Hard to believe she's my baby...sure doesn't look so "babyish" anymore:(

This slide rips! The kids would hold their hands up like they were on a roller coaster. Kays hands were up but as soon as I shot the picture she got scared and put them down...

2nd park...Kaylee on the zip line.

3rd park...Khloe swinging.

Kooper rock climbing.

For the next week the kids and I headed back down to Salt Lake and West Jordan to spend a few more days with my sister and my mom. On Tuesdays thru August the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Pointe was $2 instead of the $8 or $10 to get in. So Stacey and I took the kids down with the rest of the 'stay at home' moms in Salt Lake!! It was CRAZY busy but so worth the money!

The first exhibit was this science kind of thing where they explained how things work. The kids loved this one especially. You push on the top and smoke comes out the hole. Such a simple idea, yet so much entertainment.

A Museum full of Dinosaurs and Khloes most exciting part was the computer games...

This one is always a favorite...Kooper and Rylan playing with dinosaurs in the water.

I love this picture...I told the kids to make a 'scared' face. Kooper hit it right on target!! Love it!

At the end of the Museum they have sand pits where they can dig for dino bones.
Rylan, Khloe and Kooper.

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