Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthdays and Gardner Village

Stacey and I played everyday, all day! Another fun thing we did was for a couple weeks in August lunch was free for kids at IKEA. All you have to say is F*R*E*E and I'm there!! Between us both we have 6 kids and thats a lot of food to buy or use so twice that week we went over and had some free lunch on IKEA.

On Wednesday night we went to a local park and celebrated Rylan and Addilyn's birthdays. Their a week apart so it was a big party all about them! Stacey planned some fun games that the kids loved!

Rylan and Khloe playing "red light, green light".

Rylan is into anything Thomas the Train or Cars. So we got him a little of both. I love this little kid, he just makes me smile:)

And darling little Addy just loves anything. I love this picture of her...I wish every child got this excited at birthdays instead of going from one present to the other!!

And August also means its my amazing Mom's Birthday too. While she was visiting us in Vernal a year ago her Mothers Ring got lost so Stacey, Eric, Kim and I bought her another one.

My sister Kim is both patient and talented enough to have made a super cute Thomas the Train cake for Rylan.

One night my mom, Kim and I helped watch Stacey's kiddos so her and Kyle could go to the BYU Graduation and we headed over to Gardner Village. I love this place. There's lots and lots of shopping to do which is a little difficult with 6 kids but there were enough adults to keep them slightly under control.

Mom with all the kids (minus Addy).

My sweet kids and I.


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Hahah.... I LOVE that picture of Addilyn with her piano you all gave her! I didn't have that one... so thanks!! She ReAlLy is excited in the picture. It made me laugh! Great times...thanks for the memories!!

Our ABC Family said...

Love the updates! :) Looks like you guys have been having a blast! :)

So sad that Aaden and Kooper missed being in the same class! He was excited though when he realized that he sits right across from where Kooper sits!

Hope you guys are doing well!