Sunday, August 28, 2011

Loving those hot sunny skies!

While we were up in Kaysville Kevin and Paul went golfing and the kids were invited to go swimming in the neighbor's pool across the street. This was one of the 5 times we swam while in Salt Lake.

Kooper really got comfortable with the water and he started doing flips and dives all afternoon.

Koop diving.

Kollin would try to dive but every time he'd belly flop so he hung out in the tire tube trying to get happy again.

Khloe 'sitting' in the water.

The night before the kids and I watched Soul Surfer and the kids were completely obsessed (and still are!) acting out scene after scene. This was when she won the surfing trophy. Silly girls...

The next day we went to Logan to visit some more of Kev's family and went swimming again. This was such a nice pool. The kids loved the slides, diving

Kollin on the slide.

Me and Kev soaking up some sun!


Kooper got real creative and started diving for the sticks with his mouth.

Papa and Khloe.

They also had a zip line and rope swing that the kids LUVVVED!!

Kaylee swinging.

It took forever to get Kollin on this swing. It wasn't like a torture thing but he was too scared to get going...and it eventually came down with me holding the swing and Kevin putting him on it. But once he got going Kollin loved it!


It really got them up high. This is Kay.

Khloe zip lining.


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Ummm yeah... I'd be scared to ride that swing too! The pictures make it look pretty high! :) Looks like a lot of fun!!

Michelle said...

Look like you have been having a GREAT summer! I feel like I haven't seen you guys all summer, maybe with school starting and getting back to the swing of things I'll see you more. Hope everything has been going well with you!

Anonymous said...

khloe le me get that swimsuit off sweetie I want to make you feel real good