Friday, August 19, 2011

Bountiful Pool

Before Jenn and her kids left Salt Lake we had one more day of fun. We went up north a little to the Rec Center in Bountiful. They have a great indoor and outdoor pool there. My kids especially love it because unlike Vernals Rec Center they don't have to be a certain height to go down the slides.


This was an especially fun day for Kooper! He's really been practicing his swimming lately and we can finally say that Kooper can swim! He was able to go down the slide on his own and swim to his side by himself!

I didn't realize it that day but we have visited the pool back in Vernal a few times since and this last time I had a few random tears show up because I've realized that the last few pool times Kollin has gone off on his own, usually with Kaylee by his side, and Kooper went off and played on the diving boards by himself and that left only... and Khloe. Something that I thought would never come but now that it has I want my babies back:(

They have a fun pirate ship pool outside and it was a gorgeous day to enjoy it. Rylan was crawling around the shallow end and my boys jumped right in.

Khloe going down the slide.

I found Kaylee and Kollin for a split second to get a picture.

Jenn, Thomas, and Cierra in the lazy river.

Me and Khloe going down the slide for the 100th time:)

We had such a great time with Jenn and the kids. Its sad that their all the way back in Virginia (or that we're all the way out in Utah) but it makes us look so forward to these visits. We were going to go back to Vernal to see Kevin but he was coming to Salt Lake 2 days later so we decided to stay and go up North to Kaysville to visit with Paul and Cindy for a couple days.


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

This is the one of the coolest pools ever! You guys were actually the ones who introduced us to this place a couple years back! Lots of fun! Glad we were able to tag along!!

Anonymous said...

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