Friday, August 19, 2011

Coppermine and "Mudding"

On Monday we went to the Coppermine. It a pretty cool place and these pictures don't do it justice to how big it really is.

Kollin and Kooper being their goofy selves:)

Our clan of kids in front of the actual size tires that the dump trucks have. Yikes!

Me and the kids.

Khloe crapped out pretty fast. Like I said we have been go go go for a few days at this point. I tried carrying her around but she is A LOT of dead weight when she's sleeping so I held Addilyn while Khloe slept in the stroller!

Afterwards my sister Kim took us all Mudding in her funcar:) Apparently its made for this kind of stuff so it really was a blast!

This was our view the whole time. It was mud pile after mud pile. She did great and the kids loved it!

I don't think this next picture is appropriate to put on a family blog...but its the only one I have of this night. After Muddin' we went to the Myan Restaurant in Sandy where they have divers do tricks and flips off of these huge cliffs inside the restaurant. While we were watching the show the guys jumped out of the water and started high-fiving the kids and I snapped a picture not really thinking about what I was taking a picture of...

...Kevin hasn't let that one go yet!

It was the last night we were supposed to be there so Cierra came over and spent the night with Kaylee. They are such sweet girls and I loved having Cierra around for Kaylee to see! Wish we lived closer!

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love to be in the middle and alternate bringing them to orgasm all night