Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Beginning...

The end of July my Aunt and her kids from Virginia came out to good ole' Utah to visit. So the kids and I drove out to Salt Lake to spend a few days with their 2nd cousins, but its easier to just call them cousins:) We planned on being there for only a few days but ended up staying 2 weeks. It was a blast spending so much time with family in Kaysville and family down in Salt Lake.

When we pulled into town my Mom, Stacey, Kim and Jenn and her kids were BBQ'ing in Big Cottonwood Canyon.

Kaylee and Cierra. They are about 6 days apart and it was so nice for Kay to have another girl to hang around.

Roasting some Marshmallows.

There is a pretty good sized river right now but I've heard it called a stream that goes by the BBQ'ing spots.

I loved Khloe's idea of a smore! Just get rid of the extra crackers and have the good stuff.

There was this cave in the mountain that we ventured in and it opened up enough for us to walk. It was definitely an adventure taking all 8 kids in this skinny, cold, creepy, water up to our ankles cave. I think us adults complained more than the kids did.

It was pitch dark inside and we didn't plan on doing something like this so we had my cell phone and my sisters cell phone being our only light. And I took a ton of pictures because the flash would go off so we'd see for a split second.

Here's my Sister Stacey and Rylan.

The kids and I in front of the 'river'.

Kids in front of the fire with Grammy.

We did a little story time with the kids where someone started a story and each person had to add their own touch to it. It was funny and got pretty interesting.

It was go, go, go, the entire 14 days so there's lots coming up...

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