Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sunday Hike

The kids were in the house all day Saturday so on Sunday we took them on a hike to Jones Hole. We took this hike a couple years ago and thought it would be fun to do it again. It starts at the Fish Hatchery where they have thousands and thousands of trout. This picture is kind of hard to tell but if you look in the water and see all the little black things...well those are the trout. They have about a dozen of these pools full of them.

We were going to hike to the waterfall and back which is 5 miles round trip so we made sure they had their bathing suits on and something comfortable over (that should explain the mismatched outfits!).

It was beeaaautiful!! The whole hike is between these canyons and it really is gorgeous!
Kevin, Kollin, Kaylee and Kooper.

We ran into some random hikers which was perfect because I was on the lookout for a perfect rock to place the camera on for a family shot. So thank you random hikers:)

Kollin, Kaylee and Khloe on the trail. Kooper was usually way ahead with Kevin.

Me and Kevin.

I caught up to Kooper for a quick picture then he was off again.

Their whole motivation for walking 2 1/2 miles was to get to the waterfall at the end.

But the water was FREEZING!!! Tough kids got in anyways!

This was the extent of Khloe getting in the water...that's okay Khloe, you can hang out with chicken mommy:)

While we were there a few hikers came by to cool off too and were wide enough to plug the top of the waterfall. (Reading that back it sounds really mean. I don't mean to make it sound like they were big, but they were big enough to plug it...Oh well, there's really no nice way to say it) Anyways they would plug it just long enough for one of the kids to stand in the way then they'd let the water go and it would just pour on top of them!

Here's Kooper.



Kaylee even got brave enough to try it.

The scenery through out the entire hike is gorgeous!

I love this shot...the suns rays show what a beautiful afternoon it was!

Me and the girls.

Handsome boys.

Kaylee after hiking 5 miles. The kids did awesome. I only had to hold Khloe once after she tripped over a rock and face planted it. Other than that, they all hiked the whole 5 miles on their own two feet!! (And ended up with a smile on their face! Even better.)

Khloe cheesin' by the river.

These are the reasons we LOVE Utah:)!!


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

What a cool hike!!

Our ABC Family said...

Beautiful! Looks like you guys had fun!