Friday, July 8, 2011

Wedding in Salt Lake

About two weekends ago we headed to Salt Lake for my cousin Michael's wedding. While we were there my Mom took us on this great hike she has been telling us about. It was the most perfect night and we finished just in time to see the sunset over the Salt Lake Valley! Beeeauuutiful!!
Aren't we pretty:)

Khloe is definitely the baby around here. Somehow she talked us into carrying her all the way up the hike.
Khloe and Daddy.

Grammy and Kaylee at Sunset.

That weekend we had tons and tons of family in town. My grandparents, Uncle Tommy and Aunt Ida, Cousins Kathryn and Brian and Tiffany, Tim and his family, and of course those that live around Salt Lake already. We stayed with Stacey and Kyle. I'm always a little leery to stay there because I have children that don't understand that someone is living underneath her. But once we settle some rules I'm always so glad that we stay there. I love love spoiling the heck out of little Rylan. No matter what my sister Kim thinks, I'm gonna be his favorite Aunt!!

Here's Khloe, Rylan and Kooper reading some books.

That next day we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple for Michael and Kim's wedding. This summer has been full of weddings and we've been lucky enough to go to a different Temple each time. Its really been enjoyable!
Rylan outside the Temple. Handsome little man!

All the kiddos waiting outside.

Family Shot.

I don't know why this made me laugh but Rylan would walk down this walk way and flick all the flowers and just smile as they sway back and forth. I cant remember when such little things entertained me:) I wish it worked on my kids though:)

Here they are...Mr. and Mrs. Michael LeNeave.

Some family and friends from Mikes side.

We were so excited to see a great old friend of ours John Paul and his family there. They're moving to Florida and it was so nice to see them before they left!

Where they had their reception was beyond beautiful!! I took advantage of some back drops for worries I took a bazillion but am only posting a few:)




Family shot.

And I don't think I need to even explain the desserts they had...if they were good enough to take a picture of then they are blog worthy:)
Kim and the mega chocolate fountain.

Lovely shot I know but that chocolate pretzel was so good it makes me want to almost lick the computer screen!!

Okay I'm not gonna lie, this was plate #3 for me:) Oh sheesh...doesn't that look delish!

Cutting the cake. My Incredibly talented Aunt Ida (Michael, the grooms, Mom) made this cake. She is beyond talented!!

Kevin dancing with the girls.

And awesome little Koop caught the garder!

And their off.

Congratulations Mike and Kim. We loved being there to celebrate with you!!


Our ABC Family said...

Love the pictures! Looks like you guys had a fun trip! Hope you're all doing well!

Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Great pictures of the kids! Who needs professional photography?! Cute pictures of Rylan too. I can't believeh he smiled for you...little stinker will do it for anyone but Mommy!