Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flaming Gorge fishing

Kooper is an official Kindergartner now! He graduated preschool in May. The school took the kids personalities and gave them a Kid Award for where they thought their personalities would take them. Kooper got Best Kid Award for "Future Parks and Recreation Manager". Which if you know us and know that we LIVE at the Rec Center, its a perfect fit!

Then a few weeks ago we went to Flaming Gorge Dam to see the water gates open. We've had crazy flooding and rainfall and because the weather turned warm so quick the runoffs have reached their limits so the dam opened their gates and are letting more water run into the green river.

It was neat and a little scary to see it flooding down there. In this picture the water is normally below the stairs and walkway and you can see that its way higher than normal!

Of course Kooper has to climb something...

Our handsome boys.

Those two waterways are the gates they opened. The pictures don't do it justice...its a lot of water!!

A little close up.

Kaylee, me, Khloe and Kollin.

This was the only way I wasn't freaking out with the kids so close to the water...they HAD to stay on the yellow line!

A shot of the water fountain...almost under water.

The water was so high by the boat dock that Kevin caught a littly fishy.

Kevin in his heaven...(fishing)

Kollin and the kids took my pole and pretended to catch fish. You can see more in this picture of just how high the water was!

It started to get late and cold so we headed home...we didn't get too far though cuz Kevin saw a good fishin stop so the kids and I played tag and ran around while he fished.

We were playing tag in this gravel and Kooper was it and came after me. When he got close to touching me I jumped back so he'd miss and he fell forward and missed and fell head first into the gravel. The only way for him to calm down was for him to say "cheese".

We just got back from Park City for the 4th of July and had an absolute blast!! So, I'm gonna keep this daily post goal of mine until I'm caught up. So check back soon!!

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Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Wow! That is crazy how much higher the river was and to see the steps, path, and a water fountain almost covered. That is seriously a lot of water! I love the picture of the kids on the yellow line. Reminds me a little of that picture of the Beatles crossing the road (don't know why, lol) but cute pictures!!