Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Life with 6 kids!

*****Oh man I'm so embarrassed! So last Friday we left to join Kevin's parents in Park City for the 4th of July and really really must have had vacation on my mind because I added pictures and descriptions to this post but never finished but must have dreamed that I did and pressed "publish post" instead of "save as draft". So if you saw it before today it wasn't just ugly and unorganized...you weren't supposed to see it at all. :) Anyways for you who haven't read it yet just block the past minute out of your minds and move forward:)!!*****

Really quick, last Saturday we had a mega garage sale. It was overwhelming and exhausting getting ready for it but after we were done it was well worth it!! Here's a shot of Kaylee in charge of the Lemonade table. It started with all 4 but by about 10 a.m. it was just her left. We sold Pink and Yellow Lemonade, homemade cookies and brownies (which were surprisingly gone by 9:30 in the morning), Popsicles. Crazy enough they made $28!! All proceeds when to our Disney Cruise in May so they loved it!

A couple weeks ago my sister Stacey and her husband Kyle went to Vegas for a week. She's watched my kids a lot so I was excited and happy when she called and asked if I could watch the two cutest kids in the whole world (besides mine!) for a week!
When they got here we had a whole list of things to do!
First stop Dinosaur Museum here in Vernal. This is nothing like the one in Lehi but I was able to use my Utah State Park pass to get us all in FREE! I'll go anywhere for that;)

Rylan was so much fun walking thru. Oh to be a child again and be amazed and excited over everything you see!

They have this area where they give you some pictures of animals and you have to find them in the display. My kids loved it.

Then we went to the area where you can dig for bones and play with little dinosaurs...kind of a kid area. Well there is this tunnel...

...I'm not really sure what the purpose of it was but he loved to run in circles! Over and over and over again.

Eventually Kooper joined in.

Khloe digging for dinosaur bones.

Rylan deep in the action of whats about to happen between those two dino's.

And sweet little Addi just enjoying the show.

I don't think we were supposed to actually touch the dinosaurs but how can you resist with Rylans cute smiles:)

Me and Rylan.

A few other small things that I braved with all 6 kids...
grocery store.

Rylan very responsibly pushing his cart. My kids are the crazy ones with these things!

Storytime at the Library. That's Rylan in the blue. I was shocked that they all sat there still for 20 minutes.

Afterwards we went to the best snowcone place around...Sno Biz!
Kollin, Rylan and Khloe.


The next day we went to the Rec Center pool.
Kollin and Khloe.

Kollin and Addilyn.

Kooper doing one of his tricks.

Addy became much more comfortable with the water and loved drinking the water.

Addilyn and Rylan stuck by me pretty close as it got busier!
(I just have to add, sorry about the butt shot of the complete stranger!)

One afternoon while we were outside playing we opened our back gate and rylan got wayyyy serious...

...dump truck! Whether its the garbage truck, dump truck or any truck he is easily amused!

I think this was one of my favorite moments with him here...
Out of no where walked up to Kollin talking some crazy jibber jabber and started pushing him around. Pulling his shirt, pushing him back...hilarious!! Well hilarious until Kollin died on the video game and then it wasn't funny anymore for Kollin:) Stacey, he needs a brother:)

Addilyn is soooo cute when she sticks her two middle fingers in her mouth to soother herself.
Kevin and Addilyn snuggling in the recliner.

Rylan...oh man I miss my little buddy!

Watching some "Wipeout" after a long day!

He loved playing outside with Kooper and Khloe. Soccer, trampoline, in the fort, they got along really well.

Having some yummy Popsicles.

The last day they were with us we went to the Splash Park here in town. Rylan was pretty reserved for the first little while. Just watching everyone!

Kooper and Jaxon!

Kooper chasing Kollin with some water. Kol is the worst at getting mad at people for getting him wet AT A WATER PARK!

Me and my buddy.

After a while he slowly inched close and closer to the water and found enough courage to stick his little fingers in it.

And then he saw everyone else playing with cups and water so he got a little more comfortable...

Then just dump it out. Pretty easy entertainment.

Eventually he talked Kaylee into getting the water for him:)

Two handsome boys enjoying some licorice.

Kollin is a red vine kid so he liked to wear the licorice instead.


This was the day before we left to take them back to Stacey. This picture sums up how crazy our house can be...Rylan and Addilyn are looking at each other like "These people are crazy"! Love it!

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Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted these!! I hadn't seen most of them. The pictures are soo fun and soo cute!! Best aunt/babysitter ever! I'm glad you're willing to brave everything with all six kiddos!! Words can't express my thanks to you enough!! I know that they had a lot fun!!