Thursday, June 30, 2011

Trip to Lake Tahoe

The End of May we drove the 12 hours down to Carson City, Nevada to see Kevin's brother, Kyle get married. It was a TERRIBLY boring and long drive but it was fun to take a trip and we had a blast while we were there! Kevin's parents got a condo at Lake Tahoe and we were able to bunk with them. Man it was a fun weekend!

After 12 hours in the car with the kids I think Kev shows just how excited we all were to finally be there...

He he, I don't know why I like this picture so much - but I do...what a goof!

The first thing we did was take the kids swimming.

Kollin, Kaylee and Kooper.

Koop is Kevins little shadow and begs every time we're in a pool to be thrown, flipped or dunked. Here's Kooper doing a back flip...

All 4 kids in the Hot Tub.

No wonder no one else came to swim with us...

On Saturday we went to the Reno Temple for their wedding. It was a cold and windy day but that never stops this crazy picture taker from capturing some cute shots...

Here they are - Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Ashcraft!

Me and Kevin in front of the Reno Temple.

That evening Kyle and Brittany had their reception outside. It was a bit chilly but beautiful still. All the kids jumped on this bench and looked at the creek at the same time. I love it when cute pictures happen on their own:)

The dancing was my kids favorite part! Here's Kooper doing the "sprinkler"!

And Khloe was jammin! Dancing is like breathing to her so she had the best time!

Khloe sneaking in a dance with her uncle Kyle.

Kollin and Kyle doing some old school jam.

On the way home from the reception we were able to get some great shots of the sunset over the lake.

That night we went up to the roof and hung out in the Hot Tubs.
Here's Kevin, Kelly and Paul.

The next day we went to the California side of the lake. We live in Utah surrounded by Mountains but I've never been to Mountains as beautiful as these! It was again a very windy day (even snowed a little while we were there) but that never stops us!

I was just as much a tourist as the kids! These trees were the biggest I've ever seen.

Paul and Cindy then took us to the most beautiful hiking spot ever. There were waterfalls everywhere.
Here's Kevin, the kids, Kelly and Paul.

Its too bad you cant see our feet because I felt like we were on the edge of the earth...but beautiful!

Family Shot.

As we started another hike it started to rain a little...

...but soooo worth the scenery!

Cute shot of the cutest kids:)

It was FREEZING that night so we went with Kelly to the racquetball court to play some wally ball and soccer.

It was a fun trip with family and going somewhere new. I think one of the best parts though was spending some extra time with Uncle Kelly before he left on his mission to Rio De Janeiro.

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Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Cute pictures... as always.. what is Kevin doing exactly in the first picture though? Was he jumping out of the water or just felt like striking a pose for you... it made me laugh, lol :) Looks like good times!