Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Soccer and the Zoo

These next two photos are way random but I thought they were interesting. For Kaylees birthday back in April I bought a bunch of balloons and covered the ceiling with them. But I didn't realize a week later they'd still be there. So this was our idea to get them down...
We taped a thumbtack to the top of Koopers arrow gun and shot them:)

It was working great until the thumbtack got stuck in the ceiling! Plan B...
Tape a thumbtack on the top of the broom and poke em...

A few weeks ago my Mom came out to see the kids play soccer.
Khloe, Grammy, and Kooper.

Kaylee and Kooper were on the same team this year and did wayyy better than we expected. Kooper we knew had the athletic gene but little miss Kaylee found her new love! They each scored at least 1 goal per game!
Here's Kaylee taking it down the field...

And all alone making a goal...


I have to add that this is so late getting posted because I have been going crazy trying to find the pictures of Kooper I took. I try and make life a little organized and put individual pictures of the kids in different folders and I swear my computer ate koopers! I found all the videos but not one picture. So I'll add those soon but I have to add him to this because he did so good this year!

Kollin moved up to a bigger field this year. He did great but it usually took him half the game to get into it. He scored about 4 goals through out the season, but was the guy waiting at the goal to pass it to one of the stronger kickers. Here's an action shot...

He's more of a reading, artsy kid so we were so proud of him for playing and doing his best!

After soccer games we headed to the park for some lunch.
(In this, Kaylee, Kooper, Kollin, Jaxon, Tim and Allie)

When we got home we went in the back yard and played some more soccer in the back yard.

A few weekends later we all went to Salt Lake City. My mom got the Grand kid pass at the Zoo so its our new hang out place! This year they have this dinosaur theme thing going on that the kids really enjoy. Kevin snuck in the picture so Rylan would sit with the rest of the kiddos.

Kooper getting eaten by an t-rex.

Our annual family shot by the rhino.

Kooper and Kaylee diggin.

This guy actually roars and moves around to seem life like. The big kids loved him but not so much the smaller ones.

It started raining the last few minutes we were there. So Khloe got all snuggled up in my sweater. Oh those cheeks are so squeezable!

After the zoo we got to take Rylan and Addilyn back to Vernal with us. Stacey and Kyle went to Vegas for a week and it was a BLAST having them here with us.
Rylan on the way to Vernal decided to try and eat the chicken nugget carton. He's such a funny kid!

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