Monday, June 27, 2011

Travel back in time...

We've had a crazy busy summer so far and I have neglected this blog badly, so I've decided I'm gonna devote this week to getting caught up. There's going to be a new post daily! Yep, I'm gonna try to be that awesome...Daily people!

Lets begin back in May...the Easter Bunny brought Kaylee a Butterfly Garden. Its pretty cool, they send you 5 baby caterpillars and you watch them grow for about a week until they go to the top and form the chrysalis. Once they are in their cacoon you transfer them to the netting.

After about 10 days they begin to come out...this was by far the most exciting day!! We even got on video one coming out.

Then once their all out you can take them outside and set them free!

Kaylee so excited that one sat on her hand.

Setting her butterflies free.

Also back in May Kevin took us to one of his favorite fishing spots. We brought all the kids poles so they could fish too. Here's Khloe waiting for a fish to take a bite.

If she wasn't by the water she was beside the truck sneaking the marshmallows you put on your fishing line...

Here's Kooper, Kollin and Kaylee patiently waiting...

It was extremely stressful for me only because I was worried about them being so close to the water or worried that their going to cast their poles into the lake or worried that their going to hook each most the time I don't fish but its all about the kids having fun!

Kevin caught a pretty big one but it freaked out so bad that it got away WITH the lure! Kevin wasn't so happy!

It was an early morning so Kooper eventually ended up laying down taking a nap on the truck.

And Lastly for today I have been DYING to do some sort of home project since we moved in last October and finally I got around to one. I saw the cutest wall panel project on my most favoritest website Thrifty Decor and just had to do it, yes I just had to!

Here's the Mud Room before...(taken from my phone so sorry about the quality!)

Half way thru...

And the completed project...(I dont know why the camera is making the wall look yellow cuz its not!)

Check back tomorrow!!!

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Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

I love how evenly spaced apart the kids are fishing... each sitting on their own rock! Cute!

And the mudroom looks amazing! I had forgotten what it looked like before. Holy transformation! Wish I was as talented!!