Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mothers Day

Kevin and the kids did an amazing job making sure Mothers Day was sooo special for me! The kids sang a song at church, and with the help of the best husband in the world pampered me all day long.

(I'm not sure why all their mouths are open like their catching flys but this is me with my amazing kids on Moms Day!)

Besides all the pampering I also got a great patio set. Its great in the morning or late at night but our back yard is burning hot all afternoon which is a bummer!

Kollin had his spring piano recital back in May. He played "I love to see the Temple" primary song and did amazing! I love love love watching him learn more songs and progress with his level of songs!

Also the days began getting warmer about a month ago and the kids have been dying for us to buy a sprinkler. But why buy them when their already installed in your back yard:) Kill two birds with one stone...water the grass and entertain the kids at the same time!

Right before Memorial Day the kids finished school. The last week was a crazy stressful week with programs and graduations but was extremely emotional for me and Kollin. Because we've moved the kids are having to change schools and its tough when Kollins made great friends and I've been sooo happy with the programs and level of learning he's gotten there. But change can be a good thing so that's what I'm shooting for. Kollin had a Mom and Muffin Day where I got to go into his classroom and watch him act out a skit they had been practicing.

Then we got to make a t-shirt together.

He served me some muffins and orange juice.

This is Kaylee at her program. I just ought to add that we were video taping and that sweet little boy in the green shirt right next to her threw-up allll over the place half way thru. And yes we got the whole thing on camera!! No one but the girl in front of him got it on them - THANK HEAVENS!! I have the worst gag reflex, I see throw-up...I throw-up!

I just need to introduce you to the best teach my kids have ever had and probably with ever have...Mrs. Holmes. She was Kollins 1st and 2nd grade teacher and we will miss her so much this year!

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Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

What a good idea about playing in the sprinklers with the ones you use to water the grass...light bulb! :) I didn't even notice their mouths were all open until you said something, lol!