Monday, May 23, 2011

Fantastic Fabulous Family Fun!

Before we begin the mumbo jumbo of pictures first things first, I don't know if all moms are feeling this way but I sure am - YIPPEE SCHOOL IS OUT!!! Our routine the past 9 months has been exhausting and I'm relieved that we're free from waking up early, rushing to the bus, lunch money, picking kids up at 3 different times every day, school clothes, early bed times, homework (uggg!), projects, parent teacher conferences and programs; oh the list can go on and on. But its NOT!! Yayyy!!

Everyday is now going be filled with rec center, lake, bike rides, hiking, trips and snow cones! Oh it just sounds lovely!! This past month has been a record breaking month of craziness. It all began at the end of April. Kooper had his field trip for preschool to a farm and Khloe and I got to join. They were both able to pet sheep, meet some brand new baby piglets, go into a chicken coop and collect eggs, and even milk a cow!

Then we headed to Salt Lake City for a long fun weekend. First the kids and I went to Chuck-e-Cheese with Stacey and her kids and my Mom. We don't go here often but I just might start. My kids are old enough now that they can go off on their own and remember to grab their tickets so all I had to do was sit and watch them play. It really was sad and exciting and relaxing all at the same time:) Khloe got her jam on when the music started. I'm not sure where she learned it but she sure can shake some booty:) And Kollin is our computer child so all the arcade games put him in his own perfect little heaven!

We then went to my Mom's work and helped her and some of the Residents dye and decorate some Easter Eggs. After the kids went thru the building and hung some eggs with treats in them on every door. They LOVED doing it.

Later that weekend we went to Kaysville to visit Kevin's parents. The dyed some more eggs and went to an Easter Egg hunt with the rest of the Ashcraft Cousins. Kaylee, Kollin and Koop found a Golden or Silver egg. Khloe was big enough this year to understand that you get as many eggs as you can then open them. Not like last year where she was so excited about the candy in her first egg that she only ended up collecting about 3.

Easter Morning at Nana's and Papa's.

On April 29th our no longer little Kaylee turned 6 years old! It was a very very simple birthday. Next years birthdays we'll have parties but we're doing the easy way this year. We had our cousins over and she helped make some yummy cupcakes.

Cindy gave Kaylee a Easy Bake oven for her birthday and made her a super super cute apron with chef's hat to match.

The beginning of May Kooper graduated from Pre-School. The teachers gave each child a "Best Kid Award" certificate with a title which their personalities fit. Kooper got one for "Future Parks and Recreation Manager". If you know our family this one fits him perfectly! Kaylee also had her Kindergarten program. It was the same day as Kollins Mom and Muffin day so Kevin went to her program with her. I'm dying because I cant get my video camera to download but there was a sweet little boy beside Kaylee who threw-up mid program and Kevin got EVERYTHING on tape! Yes, even the throw-up! Right now I'm just too excited that school is out but I cant believe I'll have 3 kids in Elementary School next year!

Finally the weather has started getting warmer so we've been able to get outside!
For Mothers Day Kev got me a beautiful patio set which will be sooo great when the kids are outside playing and for those great summer bbq's! Also one of our favorite spots here in Vernal is the Sno Biz. They have some of the best snow cones and root beer floats we've ever had!

This past Saturday we went to a breakfast at the Fire Station. It was the same day I was running a 5K so I couldn't enjoy much but the kids loved the pancakes, eggs and sausage! And they had great activities for them to enjoy too. Little fire trucks and police cars for them to ride, they got to slide down the fire pole and sit inside of the fire trucks.

I am so proud of my kids for accomplishing everything that we throw at them each day. I have realized more and more lately that my kids are growing up. Next year Khloe will be in Preschool and I will be all alone! Its something that I used to look forward to but now that its here...not so much!!

I've also done our first project in the house that I'm very, very excited to share, but that deserves its own post:) Happy Summer time!!

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