Sunday, April 17, 2011

Doing what we do...

You can tell spring is FINALLY in the air!! Its warming up, the grass is getting greener and greener everyday and our tons of trips that we have planned have begun! This past weekend Kevin had a convention in Salt Lake and I didn't want to spend the entire weekend by myself so the kids and I decided to come along.

First, in all the pictures of me I have a little buddy that has seriously cramped my style and has made life extremely hard the past two weeks!

The beginning of April I was playing basketball and landed on a guys foot, rolling it and ended up fracturing my foot. I was trying to figure out the best way to show where the fracture is so here are two with the fracture circled and the other with it traced.

The doctor said it was the best bone to break because there's no muscle or tendons attached and its only bone that needs to heal. On the bright side I'm glad I broke it instead of spraining or pulling something because Ive been told it will heal faster.

But we're not letting that stop us!! This past weekend we were in Salt Lake and took advantage of the nice weather and went to see the Bunny at the mall. Since the pictures that they take seem to go up $10 a year I was happy to take a picture after the kids saw him.

I did however sneak my phone out and snag one of Khloe. She refused to go unless Kaylee or I went with her.

We also went to the zoo with my Mom, Kim, Stacey, Kyle, rylan and addilyn. This Giraffe was my absolute favorite...he was going to town on this ball. These pictures were all taken with my phone so sorry but I don't know if you can notice that gray, long, worm looking thing under his chin...that's his TONGUE!! It grosses me out and amazes me at the same time how long it is. I don't know what was on this ball, but ide love to try it:) :)

Kaylee and Kollin.

My kids are obsessed with Rylan. Its so cute but also very annoying for him! Khloe and Kooper loved taking care of him.

Grammy with the 6 grand kids that were with her that day.

Our sweet kiddos and I. (that's khloe hiding under him)

Kollin said he wanted a picture that made him look like he was touching the baby elephant.

Before we left Kevin was able to leave his convention long enough to come and ride the train with the kids at the zoo. Here's Addilyn, Kev and Kooper.

The kids and I went with Stacey to Tai Pan Trading. Only one of the coolest decorating stores in Salt Lake! They even had some baby chicks out for the kids to see.

One of the funnest things though was that we cashed in on some points we had and got to spend two nights in a very nice hotel for free!!! So the kids swam a lot!! I was the picture taker...I tried getting in but was nervous about hurting my foot anymore so I just sat with my legs in the hot tub and took pictures of everyone.

Kevin throwing koop.

Sweet Khloe hanging out in the Hot tub with me.


All the kids with Kevin.

Kind of a weird picture of Kollin but a store I get SO excited to go to in Salt Lake is my long lost BFF - Target. I've missed it sooo much...and no Wal-mart doesn't even compare!! Here's the kids showing all of our excitement on the "big balls":)!

So my post is backwards but its the effort to have time putting one on the blog that the afternoons around 3 o'clock on the dot the wind starts blowing like crazy so we've done this a lot too...

And school is coming to an end (YAYYYY!!!!!). So the kids have been doing field trip after field trip. Khloe and I got to go with Koopers class to the Dinosaur Museum here in town.

"hang on Koop"!!

Khloe finished 5 weeks of itty bitty ball too. Its a great program that the rec center puts on for kids 3-5 here. Each week they learn about a different sport. This is my favorite striking a pose stretching picture of her...

At the end of the 5 weeks they have Dizzy the Dinosaur come and hand out their metals and t-shirts. Khloe's terrified of the Easter bunny, but she'll squeeze a dinosaur to death??!!

And while we're talking about her I mind as well show off a few cutie patutie pictures of her recently... We got home really really late one night and we woke her up to get out of the car, she walked into her room took off her pants (to put on a pull up) and we found her like this...

(I wonder if I should have blurred it out or something? it was just so cute)

Another time when we missed naps she laid down on the couch by herself and when I got up close to see if she was really asleep I noticed she had a buddy with her...

(soo precious!)

And she LOVES when Kaylee leaves for school because that means Khloe can have her way with Kay's makeup. After my shower I came out and saw her doing her nails...

What a sweetheart huh:)

The other big thing around here is that Kooper had his 5th birthday on April 1st. He chose a skateboard birthday. This year I'm NOT doing parties! I did one for each kid last year and I need the year off:) So we invited cousins over and that was that!

The cake was AWESOME!! One of my friends is soooo good at it and offered to do his for his birthday. She did absolutely amazing!!!

All the cousins playing outside.

Another special thing about Koop is that he finished wrestling in March and won 1st in his weight class!! He's our little champ!!

Lots of exciting things going on! Our kids are growing faster than I can keep up with and I love seeing all their accomplishments! Soccer is going great. Kollin, Kaylee, and Koop are all doing it and they each have scored multiple goals! Their each so amazing at all their individual levels and I'm one proud momma!!


Our ABC Family said...

Love the updates! I'm SO jealous that you got to go to Tai Pan and Target! 2 of my favorite stores as well and always have to hit when we go to Southern Utah! Your kids are adorable and look like they have been having lots of fun!

Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Oh man!! Where to begin!! I LoVe you're photos... Love the picture of the kids after visiting the Easter bunny... is that suppose to be Khloe's impression of a bunny? Hehe... Love Kooper "holding on" to that dinosaur. (It really looked like it was taking off!) And I love BOTH of Khloe's photos with her booty sticking out. Too cute! She's such a sweetheart... Love, love, love them. Keep them coming!!