Sunday, March 20, 2011

Its springtime!

A few weeks ago Kooper started wrestling. We weren't sure how he would do because he's so dang little and scrawny. You're supposed to be 5 to be part of the Tiger league here but they let him start this year at 4. Last weekend we went to Salt Lake and found him a little, itty, bitty singlet. He looks awesome!! Here he is in the red.

He was so funny the whole time. He smiles and sometimes chuckles as he's pinning guys. His first meet he won all 3 matches. Pinned 2 guys and won by points with the last. This last week he won the first, lost the 2nd and won the 3rd. This is him on top of his opponent.

Kevin takes him to practice twice a week and has helped him learn different moves. This is him about to spin the other boy onto his back.

This is the best shot I could get of him in his singlet. Its his back, but he's so dang cute in it:)

Our little Koop Dog resting up before another match.

This past week was ABSOLUTELY crazy!! Each kid had about 2-3 activities which added up to me taxi driving to about 10-12 activities in 1 week. I'm hating these gas prices right now for sure!! On St. Patricks day our rec center had a fun party for kids. We enjoyed some hot dogs and homemade root beer.

Our family did a potato sac race together.

They also set up a mini putt-putt golf course in the gym. Khloe liked to hit the balls like a bat and send it flying across the gym so Kevin gave her a short safety course on how to hold the club.

Kaylee and Kooper.

In the lazy river the kids fished for ducks that would have a number on them for a specific prize. Last year they did this but they had to grab them with their hands...needless to say there were lots of kids that fell head first into the pool so I was happy to see nets this year.

The weather around here is getting absolutely lovely!! Our front yard is finally thawed and we can send the kids outside to play finally! Kevin especially loves this time of year because he gets to start fishing and golfing again. This past week he went fishing about 4 times and came home one day with this sucker...

Its a record for him...23 inches 3 1/2 lbs.
He cooked it a little different though and it took out a lot of the fishy taste and we loved it.
Ready to go on the grill.

Kevin also took us to the shooting range. He's started his collection of guns with his parents giving him a shot gun for Christmas and this past week he bought a 9mm. We went to the range with his boss Troy who also brought some LOUD guns. I mean their all loud but some of his gun shots went thru the ear plugs!

Here's Kollins shooting Kev's shot gun. We brought our BB gun for the kids but Kollin wanted to try this too. He shot it once and it kicked back and scared him, so it'll probably be a few years before he tries it again.

I was very uneasy the whole time with ALL our kids running around. We told them to stay between the trucks, but you know kids...their sneaky. So I spent most the time helping them shoot the BB gun and making sure they were out of Kev and Troy's way! I did take a turn shooting the shot gun and 9 mm though. I had a hard time aiming with the shot gun but our 9mm I was able to hit almost all the targets.

Kevin shooting a Clint Eastwood style gun. This one echoed for miles! And it kicked back so hard that the first time his hands almost hit himself in the face.

So these pictures are a little out of order but last weekend we went to Salt Lake City. Kevin's brother Kelly went thru the Temple in preparation for his mission that he leaves for in June. While we were there the kids went down to the Discovery Museum with my Mom. They love this place!
Kevin, Khloe and Kooper playing in the water.

They have a dress up area where the kids can put on costume and make up scenes to a play.
Princess Khloe.

On the top deck they have a real size helicopter for the kids to play in. The whole time Khloe played in the traffic control tower.

Kooper driving the 'copter.

The St. Patricks Day parade was going on at the Gateway while we were there. So we took a little break and watched some from the top deck.

We've go Kaylee and Koopers birthday coming up in a few weeks. Kollin, Kaylee and Kooper finished their indoor soccer (which I gotta get pictures up of). They all did amazing! They start their outdoor soccer in 2 weeks which is the funnest. Kooper has a wrestling tournament this Thursday, I've started a 3 on 3 basketball league at the rec center that we play Thursdays too and this Friday and Saturday I've got the Split Mountain Volleyball Tournament going on that I've been waiting MONTHS for!! Its 2 days of nothing but Volleyball. We play 3 games Friday night then 2 games Saturday morning before our tournament starts. Also Khloe has been doing itty bitty ball at the rec center. This is her last week so I'll get some pictures up of that. We have lots going on at the Ashcraft house so check back soon!!

Happy Spring!!

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kristin said...

wow, you guys ARE busy...but everything looks fun and good. your kids are getting so big! kooper is such a cute little wrestler! i can't believe it! and khloe is such a cutie, getting so big!
love these updates--keep them coming!