Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mexican Rivera Cruise

Well here I am playing catch up again!! Sooo much has happened in the past month...starting with us celebrating Kevin's 28th Birthday on January 25th. It seems like we are go go go every second of everyday so it was a very simple party with the kids and I:)

It was nice to pamper him all day! He deserves it so much and I absolutely LOVE the days where the kids and I can make him feel special! The kids and I did the traditional streamers from the door for him.

When he got home from work that afternoon we had some gifts and ice cream cake for him.(his dramatic side of candle blowing!)

Toothless Kollin...he lost 3 teeth in the past month!!

Kevin and I got back last Saturday from our 7 day cruise down the Mexican Rivera. We have been in this funk for about a week now where we don't want to do anything - wake up, clean, cook, go to work...I think we were seriously depressed the first few days we got back! That week was the most perfect way to live! (don't take that the wrong way...I love my kids and wouldn't trade this life for anything - but it was absolutely PERFECT!!) When we left Vernal it was -10 degrees!! And that afternoon when we got to lovely San Diego, CA it was 80 degrees outside!! Oh I could have stayed there all week and just basked in the sun.

So the first two days were at sea while we sailed down to Puerto Vallarta, then up to Mazatlan, then Cabo and then another day at sea and home to San Diego.

(me and kev on our flight to California)

Flying in to San Diego we could see the cruise ship from our plane window! I was honestly like a child at Christmas time...I could have jumped and screamed in excitement but knew they probably wouldn't let me on the ship if I did:) This was us leaving dry ground and boarding the ship.

Us on the top deck.

Leaving San Diego!! The sunset was AMAZING!! It was such a surreal feeling pulling out of that bay!

Me and Kev our first night at Sea.

One of the funnest parts was that we got to go with our best friends TJ and Rachel. Every night we got to eat a 5 star dinner with UNLIMITED food!! If we loved the shrimp...they just brought us more, if we loved the steak...they just brought us more! It was the coolest thing ever! And it was so nice having good company at dinner and the pool and at each port.

The first two days were at Sea while we headed all the way down to Puerto Vallarta. We laid by the pool, played in the pool, sat in the hot tub, played ping pong, and basketball, in short - we relaxed for 2 days straight!!!

Yummy drinks too - this one was called their Miami Vice - Strawberry Daiquiri on top, Pina Colada on bottom...Yummm!!

One day they had some games and relays by the pool where it was Kev, me, tj and rachel and two other people on our team...we won of course:)

In the end there was a belly flop contest. TJ was going against the man getting out of the pool in this picture...TJ won that one too!!

It was just sooo nice to be in warmer weather and be able to wear our bathing suits ALL day!!!

It was so cool to sit in the pool and watch and feel as the ship would rock back and forth.

During the next day there was a Ping Pong tournament. Rachel and I played against two guys that were freakishly good and got us out in the first round but Kevin and TJ got to play against each other and Kev moved on to the next two rounds but then lost to a guy who works on the ship and obviously plays EVERY week.

Another AMAZING part of the cruise was the performances each night.

They had dancers, singers, magicians, comedians and this guy who did an Elton John tribute! He was INCREDIBLE!! Yes he came out in a feathery outfit but it was all part of the bit, he really was sooo good!

So because I have like a bizillion pictures from the whole cruise I thought I would do it in two different posts. So tomorrow I'll have up the pictures from Puerto Vallarta (where we did a zip line through the same jungle/rain forest that the movie Predators was filmed), and Mazatlan (great great great beaches), and Cabo San Lucas (where we rented Jet Skiis). Sooo much fun to be re-living this vacation!!!

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