Monday, September 20, 2010

Sweet Sunshine

Two weekends ago we went out to Kaysville to visit Kev's parents. It being Labor Day weekend they had already planned an entire day at the lake with their boat. It was great because the kids got to see some cousins on the Ashcraft side that we don't get to see very often. So we packed up lots and lots of food and sunscreen and headed to Willard Bay.

The kids could have stayed and jumped off their boat all was the easiest entertainment!

Sweet Khloe was completely satisfied just watching.

After a while of jumpin off the boat they decided to take it out for some rides.

The lake was crazy with boats and floats and jet skiers. Kevin and I haven't rid on a jet ski in probably 5 years but it was something that I we did a lot as teenagers. I wanted to rent one for the day but was seriously giddy when Paul said his friend was bringing 3!! We had such a blast riding with the kids. I think I kinda hogged one of I couldn't get enough!!

Kevin and Kooper.

Me and Khloe.

Khloe protecting the banana one for mommy! She loved going out with us but got a little scared once we got past the buoys. I was super careful but sometimes couldn't help but go fast...sheesh their fun!!

Then Kevin talked me into going on the tube with him. I'm all for the ones that you sit in and can almost enjoy the ride...but he wanted to do the crazy tube where you're hanging on for dear life and prayin that you don't let go cuz you're gonna hit the water sooo hard. I'll admit after we rode it and laughed and laughed I was happy we did that one and not the other.

Kollin and Kooper in the boat.

Thanks Paul and Cindy for a great day at the lake! Also that weekend Paul and Cindy gave Kollin his birthday Rollerblades. And they have this great trail behind their house so we all got on our skates and went for a ride.

Me and the girls.

Check out our athletic family:) The kids did great until they fell but it was a ton of fun being able to have them all ride by themselves!

Khloe and Kaylee.

When we got home Kollin reminded me that the Harvest Fair was in a couple days and he soooo badly wanted to make something for it. At his school they told the kids to make something out of anything that you can grow. Luckily I visit the most amazing women at church who's kids are already grown and did the Harvest Fair years ago and has the most amazing garden at her house. She invited us over and told us to grab whatever we needed.

Kaylee chose to do Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Complete with a flower on her head.

And Kollin chose to make an airplane and a pig. We started with a spider but for the life of us couldn't get it to look anything like a spider!

They had some awesome ideas when we got there and will definitely start sooner and try a little harder next year. But the kids were still excited that they got a free frosty for doing it.

And then that night we headed to carnival and let the kids play on a few bouncers. This was just another reason why I love this town.

We just got back from another great weekend in Salt Lake. Kyle and Stacey blessed sweet Addilyn (which I'll have pictures up tomorrow). Its been crazy crazy hot here! I'm hoping that since fall starts this week maybe, just maybe it will start feeling like it too!

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Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

How fun! I can't remember the last time I went rollerblading.... How did all of you get a pair (even Kevin has some- way to go)! Cute veggie creations too... you thought of every detail!