Saturday, September 11, 2010

Here we go again!

The kids are back in school and the chaos has begun (not like it ever stopped!). A couple nights before it started we let the kids do their Friday night forts. I LOVE it when they make these because it gets soooo dark inside their fort that they'll sleep in til almost 8!

Kollin and Kooper inside their "Man Fort".

Kaylee and Khloe inside their "Princess Castle".

So the 25th of August Kollin started 2nd Grade. He has been counting down to this day since the first week summer began. He ABSOLUTELY loves school. I asked him what he was most excited for and he said (in this order)...
1. getting to ride the bus
2. having 4 recesses
3. being in the same class as his cousin Madison
4. seeing his friends from last year
5. having the same teacher from last year. (his school decided to have the teachers move up with their class)
6. homework
7. having something fun to do during the day. I could have cried with this one. I guess all the different activities and trips we took this summer just wasn't enough for him.

We were so happy to hear this past summer that Brooklyn and Madison decided to switch schools. And Kollin was beside himself excited when he found out that Madison was going to be in his class.

Here's Madison, Kollin, and Brooklyn on the first day of school.

Madison and Kollin at their desks.

After taking Kollin to school I hurried home to get ready for playgroup. I'm in charge of it for our ward and we have so many young kids that this end of the summer water party was a huge hit!

And my big step this year was allowing the kids to ride the bus. I really had a hard time deciding to let them go. I get caught up in the thoughts of what could happen and just wanted to shelter the kids. It wasn't until after Kevin gave Kollin his school blessing the night before that I felt comfortable enough to let him go:( I had debated following the bus to school for the first week, but promised Kev I wouldn't be "that" mom! Last year I took the kids to and from school everyday and honestly this has been soooo nice to not have to take that drive every day! Madison and Brooklyn live so close that they get to ride the bus with Kol and Kay so its even funner for them.

Here's Kollin coming home. I also told Kev that I wouldn't be that mom that took pictures and embarrassed my kids...but if you know me then you'll know that i get pictures of EVERYTHING! So I casually held my phone and shot a few pictures while he got off! Sneaky:)

He was soooo excited!

That next weekend my Mom and Kim came to Vernal to celebrate Kollin, Madison and my Moms Birthdays. This was the EASIEST birthday ever in this Ashcraft house. Last year I did a huge and detailed Super Mario Party for Kollin and am exhausted when I think about how much work it was. So we told Kol that this year would still be exciting but not as extravagant as last years.
He's totally into this Club Penguin online game and I was lucky enough to find some Club Penguin toy pieces at KMart. Baked a cake put some toys on top and whala...simple, simple, simple!

We went to the park and had a luncheon with Tim and Brittany's family and Mom and Kim.

Sunday we celebrated Mom's birthday too. Man r we sick of cake!!! But it was nice having everyone here for the celebrations!

Kollins actual birthday we went and got a snow cone with the cousins and headed to the bowling alley for some fun. (I have NO idea what Kaylee is doing in this picture!!)

We haven't gone bowling in a while so this was just awesome. The kids had their own lanes and us adults had ours. We went with Tim, Brittany and our friends TJ and Rachel.

Kollin got an alarm clock from his friends Mikey and Will and told me that he doesn't need me to wake him up anymore...that his new Spiderman alarm clock will do it. sniff sniff!! I understand he's growing up and all but I wasn't ready for him to tell me I couldn't come in his room and sing him the good morning song anymore!! Sheesh!

This was Khloe's spot half the time. Every now and then she'd want to bowl for somebody but she was perfectly happy in her own little world.

Tim showin us his awesomeness!!

That night we sent Kollin on a scavenger hunt around the house for his gifts from us.

Two days later my sweet Kaylee starting Kindergarten. You'd think I'd stop crying sometime but the tears just keep coming!!

She was excited to find her name on the wall outside her classroom.

She sat in her seat and was ecstatic to see the first thing she got to do in school was play with some play-do. Oh man to go to kindergarten again....

After we left her I shed some tears and drove off with my last two kids at home...

Kaylee was just as excited as Kollin to ride the bus. Coming home from school its just kindergartners so it was officially "her bus".

The next morning was even harder...she got on the big kid school bus with Kollin. After a long lecture that Kollin and Kaylee MUST sit together on the bus I gave kisses, snuck out my handy dandy phone for a picture, and off they were!

I'm sad, terrified, excited and anxious to not have complete control over who my kids talk to, what they say and decisions they make but I trust them and know I've taught them the best I can. And sadly they have to grow up some time. Another school year has begun...Here we go again!!


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Can I just say that I love this post. You're such a good Mommy! I got a little teary eyed myself thinking of how hard but exciting letting your kids go in this way must have been. Pathetic because I still have a long way to go before my time...they're only one! Very exciting though, you have some great did a good job :)

Katrina said...

It's funny because the last paragraph of your post (about not knowing what your children are doing every second) is something that I really struggle with. They might learn something from someone else...good or bad?!??! I won't know every little thing that they did or every little emotion that they felt and that is really hard for me. They are just SOOOOO a part of us for 5 years and than BAM...they are on their own...for a little bit. Great post!

kristin said...

so hard, chrissy! your kids are growing up so fast! and still, as i read your posts, i wonder how you have all the energy you do. you're truly inspirational...have thrown yourself into motherhood full throttle and are doing fantastic at it. i'm sure it's hard to let your kids go....but you are doing such a good job!

Our ABC Family said...

They sure do grow up fast don't they?! They sure look cute in their first day of school pictures, and I'm glad that they are having a fun time! I understand the tears Chrissy, today was Aaden's first day of preschool and I definitely shed a few tears myself. Hope you guys are all doing well!