Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 down 1 to go!

A week ago today my sweet, rambunctious little Koop started preschool. I think its taken me so long to post this because I've been in denial that I now have 3 kids in school! I'm not worried about getting older, its more sadness that soon I'll be home alone! But for a few moments I'll share the excitement that Kooper had last Thursday

In case your wondering why he looks so tired - its because he was! His bus picks him up at 7:40 in the morning. Earlier than the Elementary kids. There really are no words to describe how excited he was for this day. And every day since he has been the first one out of bed...bright and early 6:30 in the morning. He sometimes even beats me out of bed!

Here is my boy on his first day of preschool!

His school hours are longer than the Kindergartners. And he gets to go 4 days a week. One of his most exciting moments....riding the bus! This is a smaller bus and they have a wonderful aide on there with the kids who sings and does ABC's and helps them be more comfortable.

Ohh then the moment came where I'm pinching myself thru my jacket pockets and biting my tongue trying to save the tears til after the bus pulls away. Here he is ready to go!

But after it left I had this overwhelming rush of emotions that my kids are growing faster than I can handle. I just sent off my 3rd child to school!

And now its just me and Khloe. But this little sweet thing is milkin being the only child BAD!! As soon as the kids leave she's asking if its time to go get a "mommy and khloe snack".
This past Sunday I was helping her clean her room and she said...
"Mom wont it be fun when Kollin goes to school and Kaylee goes to school and Kooper goes to school and only mommy and khloe are home and we can get a mommy and khloe snack." But ya know what - I'm taking this love and excitement and running with it. I cannot believe that its just me and her at home! We enjoy errands and lunch just the two of us.

When he got home that afternoon he had soooo much to say. He even had some lovely green paint on his shirt and had a whole story of how it got there. I wanted to hear everything!!

Oh Koop dog...check out this happy dimpled face! I'm so proud of how amazing their turning out! Sadly...3 down 1 to go!

Then this past weekend Kevin and Kooper went fly fishing and came home with this...

While they were fishing the other kids and I went to some garage sales and came home to decorate for fall. It was kinda hard getting into this with it being 85 degrees outside but I know that when the cold comes its gonna come hard. Ohhh I just LOVE the fall. I HATE the snow, but LOVE the fall...the smells, the trees, the holidays...oh me oh my! I have everything up and even made some AWESOME crafts to go up's a little preview of one. (notice the little bug that found its way in for some Indian corn snack)


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Khloe looks just like you!! That's so sweet how excited she gets about "Khloe and Mommy" time. How many more years do you have with her before she starts preschool?

Our ABC Family said...

They grow up way too fast! Glad he's liking school, Aaden sure is too, I just hope we can keep that attitude as long as we can. Loved your craft project too by the way!