Thursday, August 12, 2010

Summers coming to an end!!

Okay so this post is an overload of pictures! School is starting in two weeks and we are tryin to cram every bit of fun into the little time we have left. And I'm getting caught up on everything waiting for that all too exciting call from Stacey that she's in labor and little Addilyn is finally going to be here!! She's been dilated to almost a 4 for about a week so we know its gonna happen soon!!

I had an amazing Birthday Day yesterday. The night before Brittany and my friend Rachel took me out for dinner (without kids) which was soooo nice. Then I had an exercise class at the Rec Center that Kevin surprised me with balloons and flowers...definitely the husband of the year award for that one!! We had playgroup at a pool where Rachel brought me some cupcakes then from 6 til about 9 p.m. I had a volleyball tournament and then enjoyed some ice cream with family and friends at my new favorite ice cream spot Farrs Fresh!! LOTS and lots of junk but I'm thankful for those who helped make my day so special!

So about a week ago the fair came to town and the kids and I enjoyed the free kids event The Kids Corral. Its such a fun thing.
Ready to go in.

Collecting some corn to plant.

They got to ride these tricycles around these hay bales and collect mini bails to take back to the farm.

Even got to milk a cow:)

And gather eggs from the chicken pen.

And gather apples from the apple trees.

Khloe proud of the one that had a freckle on it:) She has noticed her freckles more and more lately and was sooooo excited that she found an apple just like her:) Sweet heart!!

They had a few real sheep or lamb (I don't know the difference) that the kids enjoyed petting.

Proud that they got the Best Farmer award and a healthy treat for doing so good.

Then they had this other section FULL of crafts for kids to do. Necklaces, sun hats, picture kids chose sock puppets. Here's Kaylee's.

Just when we thought all the fun was over we walked outside and there was a few firemen letting kids spray fake flames with the fire hose (wow say that sentence 10 times fast!).

My awesome Kooper showin us his cowboy awesomeness!!

Kollin and Kaylee.

This is what they were having them spray. Pretty fun...if you sprayed the bottom of the fire it would spin really fast (Kollin was so intrigued that you spray the bottom of a fire and not the top).

Sweetness Khloe!

Fire chief Koop!

The next night the fair does a Demolition Derby which last year we could hear all the excitement from our house so this year we decided to join in. We got there a little early to get good seats and I'm sooo glad we did. About an hour before it started people were just plowing in. But we were good and ready.

The best part of the fair is definitely all the greasy but AMAZING food!! I got an absolutely, positively, for sure, no doubt about it the best funnel cake I've had EVER...powdered sugar, chocolate and strawberries on it was DELISH!!! My kids LOVE LOVE LOVE corn dogs...yea not the best mom of the year for that one but I love them too!

Khloe devouring hers.

Kev and the kids patiently waiting for the do they look excited or what?! Geesh guys lets smile a little!:)

Once it came time for the Derby the kids were so excited to put in their ear plugs they were given at the front gate.

Kooper at first looked soooo concerned. But once they got going he was laughing and yelling along with the rest of the crowd.

This was pretty exciting. The blue tore up car crashed the white tore up car thru the cement wall.

Some heats only had 3 cars but others had 5 or 6 and that's when it was CRAZY exciting!

It didn't end until about 10 p.m. and Khloe and Kooper showed perfectly how we all felt after all the excitement. We only live about 1/2 mile from where it was and they were out within 30 seconds!

Then this last weekend we went down to Salt Lake to celebrate Rylans 1st Birthday. I didn't get any pictures of his actual birthday but if you want to see those just keep checking Stacey's blog. We did however have all the grandkids that live in Utah there.

For Rylans Birthday we went to a local park and had some yummy food and visited but the next day we all went to Bountiful where they have an awesome pool at their rec center.
Here's Kollin going down the slide. (that's one thing we loved about this place is that no matter your height or age you could go down - the younger ones had to have an adult of course) I was even able to take little Rylan down the slide, which he had no expression about but I'm sure was just jumping out of his diaper excited inside:)

Another cool thing about this place is they have an outdoor pirate play pool too.
Khloe with Rylan on the side watching.

Madison taking Allie down the slide.

My little water baby Khloe.

And something the kids can always count on with Grammy (my Mom) around are fun games to play with each other. One of their favorites is Doggy Doggy Where's Your Bone.
This was Khloe's turn and she had to seriously concentrate to keep her eyes closed.

Checking to see if the bone was gone from under the chair.

Guessing who took the Doggy Bone.

Such a fun few weeks and I am just as giddy as can be to get that phone call from Stacey. I'm done having kids so I am just stoked to have another baby in the family to spoil, cuddle and hold!!

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