Thursday, October 28, 2010

Welcome to crazy town!

I have been getting death threats many sweet suggestions that I start blogging here again. I know!!! I have neglected this poor thing. It’s been a busy fall and it’s just something I had to let slide or else I would go insane! But ohhh how I've missed my own little spot here under the big Internet tree.

So you wanna know what happens when you don't blog for a month??? You end up with 100 pictures in 1 post! here we go!

I'm gonna start with a few randoms then get into the true craziness that has taken over my life lately. A sweet worker in the DI (Deseret Industries) yesterday gave these to Khloe. Of course they were new in the package, but it took me back to about 15 years ago when I used to wear them.

Yesterday we started our Halloween celebrations. The library hosts a trick or treat for younger kids each year. It gives them a chance to dress up and walk around the city offices with out any older kiddos taking all the candy.

Khloe with our favorite little friend/neighbor Colton.

These two were absolutely adorable...they held hands the entire time!

This was some of the friends that were with us today. This is a bitter-sweet picture for me. I've been in charge of the playgroup for our ward for over a year now and today was the last one for me and Khloe. (more on that later!!)

Our sweet Butterfly Fairy!

These were my favorite Halloween decoration this year...I spray painted Styrofoam balls orange and hot glued candy corn all over them. They turned out awesome!!

And something we realized after all the graveyard decorations were on the fireplace...not such a great spot for the temple picture.

Also we took the kids rock climbing at the rec center and FINALLY all our kids touched the bell at the top!!!
Kollin (this is HUGE!! He's terrified of heights, so this was a great accomplishment!)


And crazy enough Khloe...our 2 year old...climbed all the way to the top!!

So two weeks ago my grandparents from Virginia came out to Vernal to see us. It was so special for my kids to get to know them better. We had a lovely picnic at the park one night visiting and laughing.

Allie, Tim, Mom, Uncle Billy, Grandpa and Grandma.

We even got everyone out on the volleyball court and played a few games.

Played some Horseshoes. (Tim and Brittany)

And that night we all got together at Tim and Brittany's house to enjoy dinner and games. That's when Kyle, Stacey, Rylan and Addilyn joined us too.

One of the best parts of having everyone out here was that we finally got to take some family shots with Grandma and Grandpa in them. I plan on doing a separate post on those but here's a little preview of how some turned out..

Then this last weekend we all headed out to Salt Lake to help celebrate two very special people...
My little brother Eric and his wife Ashley. When my Mom moved out here in June she left all her stuff out in Virginia and this past weekend Eric was bringing it Utah. Well two weeks ago he surprised her and said that while he's here they want to get married in the Salt Lake Temple. So it was a fun weekend celebrating this exciting time for them.

Me and sweet, cuddly, adorable, just sits there and lets you hold her Addilyn.

The next day was FULL of things to do. I tell you what they did and AMAZING job of putting everything together in two short weeks! Here's Eric entertaining my kids while I helped set up for the reception.

That afternoon we went and dropped the kids off at Paul and Cindy's and on the way back to the Temple this is what we saw...

Yea - never a good sign! So of course it rained for the rest of the afternoon but it was a BEAUTIFUL ceremony and was so nice seeing Eric so happy! I'm so glad that we got to come and spend time with them in the Temple and share this special day with him and Ashley.

Me and Kev outside of the the rain. (In case you noticed Kevin's suit is too big he had to borrow his brothers because we ran out of our house pretty quick and left it hanging by the door. In case you didn't notice that...well I guess you will now:)! )

It was so nice to see my cousins that I haven't see in years!! Here's Tiffany, Kathryn and Brian

Cutie Patutie little Allie...

The happy couple!

Waiting for Eric and Ashley to come out.
Stacey, Rylan, Addilyn is in there somewhere, Kevin, Me and Kyle in the background video taping.

Because it was so nasty outside we went into the Joseph Smith building to take some pictures. While Eric and Ashley were taking theirs we got some shots of the grand kids.

Kaylee and Grandma.

We took all the kids up to the top floor to see the view of the city.

Jaxon and Kooper with the Salt Lake Temple in the background.

Beautiful blue-eyed Kaylee.

Our boys...aka the trouble makers...aka Kollin, Kooper and Jaxon!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!! Erics face explains it ALL!!! It shows what we have to go thru to get a good shot. So from this...


to this...

Stacey and Addilyn.

Tim, Brittany, Me and Kevin at the Reception.

The kids at the kids table.

Brittany and I...after having wayyy too much water:) :)

I learned that I CANT WINK!! Brittany was trying to teach me how to wink long enough for the picture to be taken without looking retarded! It was WAYYY harder than I thought it was...but I think I just look like I'm in pain!:)

Oh and the cake was delish!!!

I love receptions...Congratulations Eric and Ashley!!!

Kooper recovering from the crazy weekend!

Random picture...but she just makes me smile!!

It was a wonderful, wonderful two weeks with all our family and we missed those that couldnt be here!!

We've got quite the week ahead of us! I have two halloween parties to go to tomorrow at the kids schools, then one on Saturday in our new neighborhood and then of course the big trick or treating Saturday night.

Then on Sunday Kevin has to go to Denver for a week for work and while he's gone the kids and I get to move into a new house. We're excited but crazy too!! We have wayyyy to much crap to be moving anymore and plan on this being the last till the kids can move everything for us!! We have some great friends here who finished building a house 6 months ago but recently got the opportunity to move closer to family. They offered their house to us and we just couldnt say no. Its bigger with a fenced in back yard, playhouse, trampoline, basketball hoop, room for a garden next spring, a woodburning fireplace and soooo much more!!

Even though its only a mile away from our house now its going to change EVERYTHING! Different church building, ward, stake and even school. The school the kids go to is AMAZING!!! So for as long as I can Im leaving them there and will just have to drive them everyday. So we have a lot going on now and I have a feeling next month will be just as crazy with Thanksgiving!! And the next month too with Christmas!! YIKES! I guess its just this time of year.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get our family pictures up so check back soon.


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

I love Khloe's Fairy costume! Super cute! And Eric's facial reaction in the photo of our family at Temple is classic! I love it!! You'll have to make sure Ashley gets that one for sure! Lol... Always cute pictures! Can't wait to see more from Halloween!

Chris & Emma said...

awww beautiful family pictures!