Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sleepover on the streets of Salt Lake

There are lots and lots of pictures because we seriously had lots and lots of fun!! Over the weekend of July 24th we headed to Salt Lake to spend Pioneer Day with family.

We got in early enough on Friday for Paul and Cindy to take the kids to Hill Air Force Base where they have a fun splash pad for the kids (and parents) to cool off with.

Paul helping Kollin get used to the chilly water.

Paul holding Khloe with Kaylee under the buckets.

I think this is such a sweet picture! Papa and Khloe.

See that thing on top of the park...that's the kid that just got his stitches out 2 weeks ago...that child lives in danger!!

Now it was Mommy's turn to get Kollin soaked!

Me and Kev.

We got some KFC to eat for dinner so when the chicken was all gone we used the buckets for weapons...well Kooper used it on himself!!

Kaylee got drenched with the bucket of water.

Khloe trying to get Papa wet.

Kollin loved pouring water on everybody but this time Papa got him first.

Then when we got back to Paul and Cindy's house Kevin took the kids for a ride on Kyles motorcycle/scooter (not sure what its called). Here's Kollin and Kev.

Khloe's turn.

Then at about 9 O'Clock the kids and I headed down to Salt Lake to join my Mom and Kim for a crazy night! We wanted to go to the Pioneer Day Parade in downtown Salt Lake but wanted awesome seats so my Mom had a great idea that we should join hundreds of other crazy people and sleep on the sidewalk downtown to save us a spot.

It took us about 45 minutes to find a spot to lay out our stuff. I could not believe how many people were there. An entire 3 miles of tents, blankets and people. My Mom and Kim finally found a spot that was concrete. And even though it would be uncomfortable we took it so we'd have a spot. Then crazy enough at about 3 a.m. we heard people screaming and babies crying so we stuck our heads out of our tent and saw that the sprinklers had come on. So EVERYONE who chose the grass to be comfortable was now soaking wet...along with all their bags, clothes and food. So we were sSosoOSOoOOOSOOO grateful to have found a spot on the concrete because we were the only ones with kids still asleep and dry blankets and clothes!

Oh man it was such a fun night!! I think its definitely going to be an annual thing for us!!

Kollin and Khloe.

Me and the Kids at about midnight...they did awesome considering they were up wayyyy past any childs bedtime!

This is all of us watching all the action on the streets. It really was nothing I've ever seen. These people DID NOT SLEEP!!! I There was playing and partying all night long. We visited til about 1 a.m. and decided to try and lay the kids down. About 1:30 a.m. they all were finally asleep. Me, Kim and Mom on the other hand were not! How could you!! It was comical seeing all the different people/families and different activities and conversations they were having.

Me and the kids trying to get nestled in.

Mom and Kim...with their air mattresses and all:) :) The were probably the most comfortable people on the street!


Then at about 6:30 in the morning we got all set up and packed all our tents and blankets in the car and watched the 5K race (which if I even knew they were having that I would have run in that too!! Oh well there's always next year!).

The kids have been saving up their allowances and luckily enough we had a toy cart go past us where the kids got to spend their money on retarded noise makers!! Curse the man who came up with such an awful toy!!
Kollin and Khloe making some noise for the runners.

Kaylee with her umbrella.

Me and the kids READY for that parade already. More and more people started plowing the streets and I was soooo greatful we did what we did because we got a front row seat!

The parade was awesome. I've been to multiple parades here in Vernal so I didn't know what to expect with a city parade.
I wonder how long these clowns have to practice to be able to ride like this for miles!

My absolute favorite part were the Police Motorcycles. They of course had all their sirens on and were in absolute sync as they swirved in and out of each other and rode in the most perfect designs. They even rode along the side and gave high fives to people from their motorcycles. I know I looked like a complete tourist because I loved it!!!

And the floats were so much fun!! So much work was put into them and I (I mean the kids) really really enjoyed all of them!!

Sweet, sweet Rylan liked most of the parade except for the Cops sirens. Ohhhh the cuteness!!

Then that evening we went with Mom, Kim, Stacey and Kyle to a park near to where my Mom is staying to see some fireworks for Pioneer Day! They had these CRAZY HUGE blow up slides that the kids of course just loved! Here's Kollin and Kooper coming out of the sharks mouth.

Kaylee and Kooper going down another slide.

Kollin said that Khloe was scared and wouldn't come down the slide so I had to go get her. I was a little excited because a big part of me wanted to go down one anyways; but because I'm all grown up an all I never can:(
Well that slide tore me and Khloe up!! My shorts WOULD NOT SLIDE! So me and Khloe tumbled down...

And check it out...I was even able to hold the moon between my fingers!!

And my other FAVORITE part of the weekend came at a much much needed time!! A year ago we got rid of our SUV and paid cash for the worst clunker van I've ever seen. Its been wonderful not having a car payment for a year but on the way to Salt Lake our air condition gave out in 95 degree weather and along with a few other things that were as ghetto as they get I begged Kevin to let the van go and get us into a better/more reliable car. So Saturday after the parade we went out and found us a beeeauuuutifulll Yukon Denali.

I had been driving around this van that would barely make it up Parley's Canyon so even though we'd have a car payment I was sooooooo ready and overly excited about having a DVD player and more room than I could ever dream of having.

It was an AMAZING weekend and we had such a blast with everything that we did.

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The Johnson Family said...

How fun! Glenn and I did that with the kids (sleepover on the streets) back when we only had our oldest two. I think in 2005? We went to the end of the parade near Liberty park right in front of a coffee shop. Like you said, very noisy all night with chitter-chatter. Good idea with the tent! Maybe we'll try that again. We just did sleeping bags out in the open so neither of us got any sleep for fear of our children (ye know, one eye open). Smart with the tents! Glad you had fun!