Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Random Tid-bits

Two weekends ago we went to Salt Lake City to visit our family. We're currently in the market for a new/bigger car. Ours is very quickly being over-run by kids and a dog. Its becoming almost impossible to pack suitcases, food, Kash and the kids all in the same vehicle. When we got Kash a few months ago he would be swallowed by one of the booster he takes up two!!

I don't know whats worse - Khloe being sat on or Kooper with his hand in Kash's butt:( Yuck!!

When we got there we headed up to Big Cottonwood Canyon and had a BBQ with Stacey, Kim and my Mom. It was along a river that the kids enjoyed throwing rocks into.

Khloe and Grammy (my Mom).

Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm...I love me some smores!!!

Cute little family pose....(minus daddy).

The next day we enjoyed a day at the Lake with Paul and Cindy. They recently bought a boat and we had an awesome time jumping off it and riding the tube.

Kooper jumpin off.

Khloe playing on the shore.

Cindy (Nana) and Khloe.

Paul and Kooper going for a ride!

I even got to babysit Rylan (Stacey and Kyles boy) on Saturday night so they could enjoy a night to themselves for their anniversary. I LOVED LOVED LOVED every moment! I miss having a little one around the house and he was so much fun to watch.

Sunday we got together with my Mom and Stacey and Kim and went to our "spot" the Gateway for the kids to enjoy the waterfalls. Khloe loved little Rylan and stayed by his side the entire time.

And when she wasn't by his side she was in his spot. I think she and I agree that she grew up tooo fast!

Kollin, Kaylee, and Kooper playing in the water.

Grammy taking the kids on a "train" thru the water.

We enjoyed all the time with family and we all were soooo excited and anxious to go pick up Kev from the airport Monday morning. He had been in Texas and then in Pennsylvania for work was finally coming home. I hate being late so the kids and I got there a little early and had a little fun on the moving sidewalk. (please don't judge me, i really am a good mom!)

So, Kevins flight had landed and we were waiting for him to walk down the escalator when my sweet little Kooper said he had to pee. Demanding that he couldn't hold it for 2 more minutes I told him to quickly run to the bathroom. Two seconds later he ran out holding his chin with blood coming thru his fingers. I grabbed a paper towel, calmed him down (and Kollin - he gets a little dramatic when it comes to blood), once I thought the blood had stopped I pulled it off just to find this...

Uhhhhh...If I only would have said "sure Koop I'll be right here waiting for you...walk to the bathroom and come right back" this might not have happened. So we asked a worker there for a first aid kit and he called the airport paramedics who even brought koop a gurney to take him to the ER. Once I saw how concerned the other kids were I told the paramedics that my husband was literally up stairs walking this way and begged them to let us take him to the ER instead of an ambulance.

So as soon as Kevin came down we went straight to the ER and waited about 2 1/2 hours for him to get stitches. Kevin had to go back with him because I was wayyyy too emotional at the fact that my sweet April Fools child cant go a day without hurting himself and I'm afraid he's been jinxed. Back in the room they had to numb his lips and chin and put 8 lovely stitches. 6 in one side and 2 in the other.

Kev said he did awesome! Not even a tear when they were putting them in. He had them in for 5 days and did even better when Kevin took them out this past weekend. Now he just has this awesome scar to remember his mis-hap running into the girls bathroom. Ohhh what am I gonna do with this kid????!!!!

Once we got back home the annual Rodeo was here and they had a free Kids Corral with games and balloons and treats and prizes...what more could a kid want!

Here's Kaylee and Kollin doing a 3-legged race. they mainly hopped on their outside feet the whole time but I loved seeing them try and work together!

Kollin, Kooper and Kaylee in the back hoppin along during the sac race.

And Kollin and Khloe seriously concentrating on not dropping that egg!

They all got some tattoos, which I had to take pictures of so they could see what their faces looked like.

I loved how it was all free and fun but was total CAOS with all the kids in town there!

Then one afternoon in the middle of Lowe's Khloe decided to lean on the counter with her feet still in the basket and lost her balance, face planted the counter top and ended up with this about 2 seconds later...

A few days earlier I was driving down the road and a semi going the other direction chucked up a rock and did this to our window...

It scared me so much that I covered my face and screamed because I swore that rock came thru the window.
Then Kollin learned how to drive. I know you're supposed to be 15 but he did awesome! (even on the main road)

Then we headed about 20 minutes away to a little carnival for the kids. It was simple and small but just enough for the kids to have a good time.

Kaylee spraying some fake/paper ocean animals (sounds fun huh!! well it sure was to her - she used ALL her tickets in that one spot).

Kollin trying to pop the balloons with a dart.

Khloe's getting pretty good at this egg carrying thing.

And the creators of all this drama/excitement/craziness and fun...

How can u resist their sweet smiles?!


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Lol...I'm sorry, I know in the moment none of this was funny, but I love this post! It really shows how insane, exciting, and never a dull moment life can be with 4 children! I had to delete Kooper's picture off my phone because it made me queezy looking at his open cuts. I don't know how you did it. I don't think I would have been able to handle that one...or Khloe's fall either. I guess as Rylan grows up and more children come along I'll get used to it? It's fun though to hear about your adventures! Keep them coming! :)

Our ABC Family said...

You sure have a cute little family! :) That's so crazy still about Koop, but he's sure been a trooper through it all it sounds like. Definitely no judgement here girl, in fact I would have been running up the moving sidewalk myself! :) You're amazing, you have such patience! Thanks for sharing your fun pictures! :)