Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 4th Weekend 2010

Ohhh man I was hoping to have these up a few days ago but we've had some car issues and now I'm wayyyy behind! But our July 4th weekend was wonderful. We had lots of time together as a family and enjoyed the local fireworks and parade.

On Saturday my Mom and Stacey and Rylan came out to spend the day with us. Tim's daughter Brooklyn got Baptized so we spent that time with her and the rest of the afternoon at the Lake.

Kollin and sweet little Rylan.

We did some fireworks at Tim's and Brittany's house that night and Khloe decided to go around shoeless, stepped on a sparkler and ended up with this...

These are a few random pictures but I thought they were just too cute. Khloe was jammin' out to High School Musical. This girl's got soooo much personality!

Then on Sunday we went to Brooklyn's Confirmation and a Luncheon at their house, then home to get ready for the fireworks.

My Handsome Boys...

Sweet Sweet Girls...

Our annual 4th of July pose.

Kaylee, my Mom and Kim waiting for the fireworks.

I found these glasses at 7-11 that make the fireworks bigger and brighter than they really are. The kids (and Daddy) loved them.

The next morning we went to the parade on Main street. This is the kids most exiting part about the weekend. There's multiple floats that have kids with big ole' water guns that squirt the kids as they go by.

It was already crazy hot for 10 in the morning so Kollin loved a little cooling off.

Of course there was candy and toys thrown from the floats too and it was too funny that the bigger kids would collect the candy and Khloe was having the time of her life laying in the sun eating it all!

We're currently working on Kaylee and picture taking but this one was for my Mom. All her grandkids in Vernal.

We also had a wonderful weekend in Salt Lake City. Those pictures are to come. Tryin to get the most out of these last weeks before school.


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

So I think I started to leave a comment, but I don't remember if I submitted it or not. (I'm pregnant...that's my excuse.) So I'm sorry if this double. :) I see that you started a new tradition with Gap 4th of July T-shirts this year rather than your traditional Old Navy! They're still cute though! I remember you all saying that Khloe had burned the bottom of her foot but I had no idea it was that big, is that a blister?! Ouch! Wish we could have been there with you all for the fireworks and parade. It looked like fun!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you guys had a Happy 4th! Love the matching shirts, too cute!