Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Soccer Stars

This post is long overdue but I have to brag about my boys. Kollin and Kooper did AYSO soccer this past spring and we all had such a blast with it. This is Kollins 2nd year with it and he improved soooo much. He was much more aggresive and it was obvious that he really enjoyed himself more this year.

This is a quick video of how fast he was. His teamates called him the speed monster and this video explains why. He easily could outrun any of the other kids on the field.

And this video of Kollin is one that he slid and scored!! K-O-L-L-I-N Goooooo Kollin!!

And our athletic Kooper did great too. This was his first year so of course he didnt quite get which way to kick the ball, but looked great doing it. Literally - he would be running down the field and looking down at his uniform and admiring how cool he looked! Funny-funny!
(in this picture he's the little one kicking the ball. beside #15)

And because kooper played on a younger team it was a lot of running back and forth but in this video Kooper actually got some action.

Indoor soccer starts this fall and boy are we excited for the kids sports to start again!! Good Job Boys!!!

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