Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day at the Lake

Summer is in full swing around here. Schools out, the heat is here and we're constantly looking for new activities. One thing that we loved last summer was going and playing at the lake and we've had some awesome times there already this year.

We have some great friends who have a boat and have invited us a couple times to go fishin'. Not to trash that hobby - but its not one that I would choose to do EXCEPT they have the best way to fish...you stick your fishing poles in these holes that are in the boat, lay out and enjoy the sun and when you see the line tug you reel the fish in. I'll do that type of fishing anytime!

~Kaylee and her first caught fish.

We went another afternoon when it was a little warmer and the kids got to play in the water and enjoy a picnic lunch before heading out on the boat.
~Kollin and Kaylee

~All the kids...minus Kollin and our friend Jax.

~Kevin quickly getting the boys over the fear of cold water!

~Kollin loved to help drive to boat.

~Our friend Will and sweet Khloe checking out the fish we had caught so far.

~Me catching my first fish!!

~Kevin getting ready to Wake Board.

~And he's up.

~While we were getting the boat out of the water we sent the kids to look for lizards and check out what our buddies Mikey and Will came back with!!!! Yowzers!!! He caught that himself!!

Yay!! Happy Summer!!


kristin said...

So fun! Yikes on the snake! You always have the cutest bathing suits on...where do you get them? I need to get inspired. :o)

Our ABC Family said...

Way fun! Its always good to get outside and enjoy the nice weather! And yeah, big yikes on the snake! I'm terrified so I won't even go near them period. Crazy kids!