Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Memorial Day Camping

I really have to do better at this blogging thing. Its summertime now and we are busy busy with lots of fun activitie and Im getting soooo behind!

Two weekends ago Brittany and I (and our kids) took an overnight trip to Salt Lake for shopping and fun. We got to see Stacey and Rylan and eat at one of my favorite restaurants...Outback! We opted to stay in a hotel so that we didn't overwhelm family 8 extra kids.

The kids swimming in the hotel. (picture from my phone...terrible quality)

Khloe swimmin'.

Khloe's favorite spot in the room...I know I know not the safest but she was only interested in looking - not jumping! (and luckily those windows don't open)

On the way back to Vernal we stopped in Park City for some awesome Memorial Day weekend sales.
Kooper, Kollin and Khloe enjoying some yummy pretzel bites.

Kollin, Kaylee and Brooklyn taking a break.

We got back Friday night and Sunday night Tim called and asked if we wanted to go camping so we threw a few sleeping bags in the car, tent, Kash and we were on our way.

Looking for firewood.

Khloe enjoying some marshmallows.

Ode' to the smores!!

Koop loved to make his BLACK. He wouldn't eat them but he sure had fun burning them.

All the kids with the dogs...Kash and Roxy.

Ready to go home.

On the way out of the canyon we stopped by the Massey Cave. (Notice Kaylee's not smiling...she is terrified of the dark (like me) so Me, Kaylee and Brittany were buds the 5 minutes we were in there.

It got dusty, dark and kinda scary the further we went. We went thru the entrance then crawled into a separate room and I was done. It was a fun experience but the only things that were going thru my mind was Bears, Bats and Spiders - Oh My!!

The awesome and brave kids that went in.

We then saw this picture perfect bridge crossing the river. It was easy entertainment for the kids. They loved throwing large branches off one end and running to the other end to see where the branches would come out on the other side.

Khloe throwing rocks into the river.

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Our ABC Family said...

Way fun! Glad you guys were able to get away for a few days and enjoy the nice weather!