Friday, July 2, 2010

In the Summertime

A few months ago I was excited for summer to come so I could sit back and enjoy not having a routine every day. Well this summer has defiantly been one of the busiest yet! I don't think I've sat and relaxed once. Its been non stop with activities and trips and family.

Our best friends here have some family with a pool in their back yard and every Monday we've gone out there for Family Night to enjoy a BBQ and to swim.



After we swim for about 2 hours we all jump in their hot tub to warm up. Its pretty comical with 11 of us in this thing. The water is usually overflowing because of it.

We're part of a soccer team for the Rec Center with Tim and Brittany and have games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (sorry no pictures of that one yet...its usually crazy playing and making sure the kids are okay at the same time)

Then on Wednesdays I play on a Volleyball league at the Rec Center too and have games from 6 - 9 p.m. Also on Wednesdays I'm in charge of Playgroup with our Ward so we're at the pool or park for a few hours. Kollin has Piano too. He has his first Recital on Tuesday so I'll have pictures to come.

And in 2 weeks we're starting a Co-Ed Softball team with Tim and Brittany and a few friends from our Ward. I'm excited but anxious too. I've never played softball before and have been taking advantage of the late sunset to get to the ball field and practice.

When you add cleaning and cooking and working out every morning and small projects on the side, oh and stopping in for a snow cone once a day :)...we have been GO GO GO!!

We've done a few fun random things lately though. Last weekend our friends invited us up to their families cabin for the weekend. Its on a lake and they just bought a new boat which made it that much funner!!

Out fishing on the lake. We both caught a fish at the same time.

And OHHH MYYYY excuse these facial expressions. My good friend Rachel and I knee-boarding together. This was the first time in a few years that I had done this and I was seriously concentrating on not running into her and not falling off and trying to get my knees in the right spot and...well I hope that explains the funny face. Ohhh man it was a blast!!

Rachel and I also love to exercise so one morning we went running and found ourselves on the other side of the lake so I suggested we just swim back to the cabin (honestly just joking around) and was nervously excited when she agreed!! So we took off our shoes and swam across the lake. (We had to go back later to get them) It was way spontaneous and super fun!!

Then that same weekend my Mom and sister Kim moved out here to Utah!!! We have been sooo excited for this to happen and my Mom finally was offered a great job in Salt Lake. Of course I wish she were here in Vernal with us but I'm greatful she's only 3 hours away and not 3 DAYS! Luckily though Kim is staying with us for the summer.

We have a boxer, so does Kim and so does Brittany. So its been fun getting together with all 3 dogs. The whole time they do NOTHING but wrestle for hours and hours and hours.

I've also been busy with some home projects. I'm totally redoing our bedroom...adding chair-rail and wainscoting the bottom. Its gonna be beauuutaful!!! Sorry no pictures til its done. And these next two pictures are terrible cuz they were taken from my cell phone but I was soooOoOoOOoOo excited about how they turned out.

So if you know me then you'll know that I'm a HUUUUGE garage saler!! One Saturday I found this massive candle holder and decorative plate - $1 for both. And I remembered this post from my Internet BFF Thrify Decor Chick and was able to make one myself. Candle Holder glued to a plate, spray painted black, add some balls an glass top, wha -la you get...

(I'm still looking for a smaller glass top, but for now this works.)

And a while back we went to a park in the woods where I found a TON of branches on the ground that had these cute beads all over them. I used wire to make a circle (many, many, many scratches and cuts later), add some cotton branches that I found at a local decor store for $6 and again wha-la...(again taken with the cell phone)

A super cute wreath for the front door!!

Also Kevin just got an AWWWEESOME promotion at work that we are so excited and proud of him for. He has been a rough neck on a drilling rig for a while now and got word that the Safety Supervisor position for the company was available. So he called and called and left message after message and finally someone called him back and offered him the job. Their even sending him to San Antonio for a few days for training. He now has a company truck and his own office and my favorite part - has off every weekend and a fancy raise!! We are so excited and more proud than we could ever tell him for how hard he works for our family!!

This weekend is full of Mom and Stacey and RYLAN Yayyy(I'm excited to see my Mom and Stacey too) are coming up tonight because Tim's daughter Brooklyn is getting baptized tomorrow. We have fireworks on Sunday night, and a 4th of July parade on Monday morning. We of course all have matching outfits that will be super cute! I CANNOT believe that the kids have been out of school for over a month now and only have 7 weeks before it starts again. And we found out that Kooper got accepted into a Head Start pre-school here 4 days a week. So with many many tears...seriously it hasn't even started yet, this fall I'll have 3 kids in school!!! Yep Kollin will be in 2nd grade, Kaylee is in Kindergarten and Kooper in Preschool. What in the world will Khloe and I do????

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