Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Weekend trip to Salt Lake

Two weekends ago we decided to get out of town for a few days and headed to Salt Lake City. I have a TON of pictures so I'll make the descriptions short and sweet!

On the way we stopped in Heber City at this wonderful restaurant...I think it was called Dairy Keen. AWESOME burgers!!! If you're ever passing thru definitely stop there!! They had a cute train for the kids to sit on outside.

After settling down the first night we woke up the next day and headed to the train station. Every time we go to Salt Lake the kids have asked to ride the new Front Runner train. I had free admission tickets to a museum downtown so we thought it would make a great day trip to ride it into the city.
The kids and I about to get on.

My boys on the train.

When we got to the city we jumped on the trax buses and headed up to the museum. When we got there the kids were SOososSOosooo excited to see a dinosaur walking around the lobby. We are HUGE fans of Dinosaur Train on PBS and this is the museum where the creator works so this dinosaur was from the cartoon that they LOVE! It kind of freaked Khloe out when it started walking around but was a neat thing for them to see.

Of course what Dinosaur Museum doesn't have a digging spot...

Kev had a bad encounter with a raptor...ohhhh!!!

The next day we headed to the Hogle Zoo and met up with Stacey, Kyle and Rylan.
Kaylee and Kooper near the elephants.

This is our family picture spot...all these pictures were taken with my phone so pardon the quality!

My FAVORITE part of Salt Lake...Cutie Patuti Nephew Rylan...Ohhh he's just so squeezable!!!

Me and Kaylee on the Hogle Express.

Ready to take a ride on the train.

And the next day we headed back downtown and had a yummmmy lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.

And enjoyed one of our other FAVORITE places to go...The Gateway and play in the water!
Khloe running from the spouts.


Kaylee, Kollin and Kooper in the water.

Drying off.

On Monday before we headed home our friends flew into Salt Lake on their way back from a vacation in Cancun and we surprised them at the airport and enjoyed a great lunch at Chili's and the Discovery Museum.
Khloe at the (fake) grocery store buying some bread.

Will, Khloe and Mikey all on TV...

And playing on the helicopter.

It was an awesome weekend filled with yummy food, seeing family, museums, playing outside, friends and the best part ever...getting a breather from our lovely po-dunk town:)


Our ABC Family said...

What a fun trip! Looks like you guys had a blast! We're hoping to take Aaden to the Dairy Keen this week, you know how into trains he is! :) And I've heard lots of good things about the Discovery museum! Hope to make it there one day!

kristin said...

So fun to see all these photos and to see all the activities you think up to take your kids to! You have so much energy!!!