Monday, May 31, 2010

Kollins Egg Drop

The last week before school let out Kollin had a Dads and Donuts day. Unfortunately Kevin had to work so my awesome Brother Tim was able to go with Kollin. While they were eating Donuts they had make some type of contraption to protect an egg from breaking after falling from wayyyy up here....

A couple days later we got to go see the fireman call out each child's name and drop their individual egg to see who's survived.

Here's Kollins Package falling...(if you can see that little white dot!)

Kollin wanted to surprise me on how him and Tim protected his egg. the kids and I thought it was pretty clever and cute to see...

(If you cant tell...they decorated it as Sponge Bob.)

Unwrapping it to see if it survived????

Yea it did!!! He was sooo giddy and couldn't stop talking about it all day.

He even got to sign the 1st Grade Egg Drop Survivors poster. It turns out only 9 eggs out of his class of 22 survived! Good Job Kollin and Tim!!


The Johnson Family said...

How fun! Good job!!

Our ABC Family said...

That's awesome! I bet he was way excited to be one of the few who's egg didn't break! That's also pretty cool that your brother was able to go and be there with him.