Saturday, May 22, 2010

All about Kaylee

A few weeks ago we celebrated Kaylee's 5th Birthday. Yes 5!! She had been planning this party literally since last summer when she did a Cheerleading Camp at the local High school. So we made the invitations and brought them to her cousins and closest friends.

A week before her birthday I checked out the weather to make sure we could do it at the park. It was forcasted to be pretty cold so that's why we opted to do something fun inside. And after Koopers big party a couple weeks earlier I was exhausted. So I was ecstatic when she said she wanted a bowling party! Inside + no mess for me + someone else was entertaining=PERFECT!!
And boy am I glad we chose an inside activity because look what we woke up to on her birthday...

Really...April 29th and your gonna give me 3 inches of snow!!??!!

The day before her birthday Kaylee got her first present. I have a friend who can literally do anything, cook anything and even sew anything.

She sewed Kaylee her very own Cheerleading Outfit with a headband and scrunchy and clips to match. And not just any - colors that coordinate to the Cheerleading camp she goes to each year.

Check this girl out...She even has Kaylee embroidered on the skirt.

And because we have a dream of Khloe wanting to be more dolled up she even made one for her...

So the big day came...

She was lucky enough to have school on her birthday which meant she got to bring her favorite cupcakes and her teachers let her bring Kash to show to all her friends.

That afternoon we all headed to the Bowling Alley. Our friend who made her the costume even took her while I finished getting ready for the party and did her hair and makeup. There were a few tears when she walked in only because this was the moment she looked "bigger". I don't know if anyone else has that moment but this was it for me.

At first it was seriously chaotic trying to get 12 kids to take turns. We got 4 lanes so their turns would come up faster but it was still a little crazy.

Kaylee and her Megaphone cake.

One present she was SO EXCITED about was the one her cousins gave her. She has wanted her own suitcase for a while now and that's exactly what they got her. And not just her own but her own Hannah Montana suitcase!!

After cake the cheerleaders did a little cheer for us...(check out Khloe's hip...maybe there's hope after all!!)

And this is the day I had been dreading all year long. I knew I'd have a few tears with Kollin and moving up to 2nd grade, but this one got me worse than I thought. For the past two years Kaylee has been in preschool with the same teachers who have helped her speech, helped her grow in so many ways and really helped her personality become more confident. Today we had to say goodbye (sniff, sniff). My heart just melted when I went to pick her up and her teachers were hugging her and crying. The 3 of us talked and cried together and I knew they felt just what I was feeling...sadness, excitement, appreciation, and so proud of how far she has come.
Kaylee with her teachers.

My little girl is no longer a little girl. She starts Kindergarten this fall and couldn't be more excited about it! I'm going to enjoy a tear free summer because I know that day in August will come when I'll be dropping off 2 kids together at school and sobbing like a baby:)

So at 5 Kaylee...
is my only child who still loves to cuddle me
loves school
always wants her friends over
is amazing at fashion...I don't remember that last time I picked out her clothes
& is already buying her own clothes (forget toys...with her birthday money she wanted a new outfit)
likes to watch Friends with mommy
has endless energy
has an attitude like her mommy
already takes 15 minute showers
loves her room to be clean and organized...LOVE it!!
adores her brothers and sister even though she loves to argue with them and bug them
trys to help in every way even if it makes the problem worse
will eat carrots and cheese as much and whenever she can
is still as stubborn as ever
reads books to Khloe and Kooper even though she doesn't know how to read yet
tries my patience daily
loves to sit up front with me when we're driving just so we can talk
is a smart cookie, we love to hear what she's thinking about
and is growing up so fast but is still a little girl in my eyes and will always be my baby :)

We Love You Kay Bug!!


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Oh... what a fun birthday party! I wish I could have been there! So fun to see her getting so big!

Kristin said...

I love the cheer outfits, can your friend make me one too?! lol I can't wait to all of you this Fall, all the kids are sooo big! Love and miss you.