Friday, April 30, 2010

We did it again...

I will admit - I'm crazy! Ever since I got rid of the last two puppies I brought home the kids have (no lie) asked everyday when we're going to get another dog. My excuse has been when we have a yard for it to run around in. Well, that was until I met this little guy...

He's a Boxer and is just soooo cute! I love that picture of him because it shows just how big he's going to be...look at all that skin he has to grow into! So one morning at the Rec Center I was talking to this lady about a few random things and a few stories of her dog came up. She said that she had 2 puppies left and showed me a picture...long story short - we had 1 of them by that afternoon:) I lived and learned my lesson about bringing 2 puppies home to a clean, smelling good, organized, new carpeted house!! Won't happen again!!

But the funnest part...Brittany was there with me and had been looking for a boxer and bought the other one! It has been awesome getting them together to play and wrestle.

The hardest part was choosing a name. This dog seriously didn't have a name ALL day. But it needed to be chosen carefully because I traumatized my kids when I gave the others away so I knew this one was here to stay no matter what. We got this idea to name him after a famous Boxer. We thought of Mike Tyson, Muhammad Ali, etc... But still wanted to have his name start with a K so he'd be a "real" part of our family. We found out that Muhammad Ali's name before it became that was Cassius Clay. we chose to name him Kash!

This was the first day we brought him home...Khloe was terrified of him all day and I thought it was sooo sweet that when she fell asleep he came over and cuddled with her. He's seriously the Best Dog!!!

He loves to come on car rides with us...especially to pick up Kollin. He notices when we get there because he gets up on the window and looks for him.

So far, so good...I've had a few regret moments but its the most amazing moments where the kids are in complete heaven and have a friend that ALWAYS wants to play! Khloe now laughs when he jumps up on her and Kooper-well, we're still working on him. He's the toughest kid ever but dogs are his weakness.


Katrina said...

Hey Chrissy!! Love cute!!! My kids are always asking for a dog and a kitty...I know someday we will cave! It is so good to catch up with all of your Spring time happenings! Have a great weekend!!

ps When is your mom moving to UT?

Kristin said...

Kash is so sweet, I didn't even know you got rid of the other 2 though. Boxers are fun, enjoy!