Sunday, April 18, 2010

This, that and so much more!!

A few weeks ago I started a new project...our bathroom upstairs is seriously blahhh!! And has been ever since we moved here. Ever since we did the bead board in our kitchen I've been dying to do it again. So here's the before pictures...

And now my no longer blahhh bathroom - the after shots...

Ohhh I think the bead board turned out lovely!!! The blue is A LOT lighter in pictures. Its a grayish-blue and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

I also got rid of that cheap looking canvas thing and hot glued some ribbon on an open frame for the girls bows.

Something that has been keeping me super busy lately is watching over Khloe. Two weekends ago we were over at Tim's house helping them lay sod and it was just a beautiful day and really the first nice day this year. But sadly it ended up being too much for my sweet Khloes' skin. She woke up the next day (Sunday) with 2nd degree burns all over her shoulders, neck and arms. I covered them and kept her out of the sun but by Monday all the blisters were popping and she wouldn't let me near them so I had to take her to the doctor.

It didn't mess with her bubbly personality one bit...with a sticker on her forehead, this is her waiting for the doctor to come in.
(these were taken with my phone so sorry about the picture quality!)

You really cant see the huge blister on the top very well...the pictures just don't do it justice.

Most of them are all scabbed over now, but this past week we've really been put on hold for her...and sooo glad it helped her get better faster.

Then yesterday we went to Tim and Brittany's for Jaxon's 4th Birthday. He is a total Dinosaur Genius...and when he's with us driving around town he can seriously name each individual dinosaur. Anyways Brittany did a great job with the party and had some awesome activities for the kids.

Kooper, Jaxon, Kollin, Brooklyn and Khloe in their dinosaur masks.

Kaylee, Raegan, and Madison were the 3-horns.



They made Volcanoes...

And dug for dinosaur bones out back.

Kollin-saurus with the dinosaur bones he found.

And Saturday night we went outside of town with Tim and his family and had a fire with some smores and hiking and lots and lots of playing.

Me and Kevin vs. Tim and Brittany playing Horseshoes...

I'm only taking a picture of this for proof that I got not just this ringer but 5 more after it!!! Kevin and I ended up beating them by just a few points.

All the kids...minus little Allie.

Kollin in the middle of the creek.

Roasting marshmallows and smores.

Have a wonderful week!!


kristin said...

Love your bathroom redo. So creative! Who would've thought the girl in high school who worked at "Michael's Arts and Crap" would be doing the coolest, most creative projects years later! Love seeing your blog updates. Also love seeing the creative birthday party ideas and all the fun things you do with your kids. They are so lucky to have a mom like you!

Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Wow... total make over!! I love the colors! I second Kristin's comment. I was talking to Aunt Ida about that just last week about how crafty you've become when you used to hate them. :) You're lucky you have such a talent. I'm jealous!!

Denise Jenson said...

What a lovely family. Poor Khloe, I'm so glad she is doing better. The birthday pics are so adorable!!

Debra said...

Khloe's pictures look painful!
Wish I could be out there with all the's looks like you are having loads of fun without are in my thoughts!