Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Oh my gosh...Im just as giddy as can be!!! I have NEVER won anything as exciting as this!! So one of my ABSOLUTE favorite websites and emails that I get are from Hip2Save. She is sooo incredible and have saved us more money than I can even count anymore. She has helped my obsession with coupons and good deals seriously get OUT OF CONTROL!! Anyways periodically she has give-aways and one recent one was for these totally awesome shirts that literally fit me to a tee!! Not just size wise but my personality too. I LOVE LOVE LOVE free things. Out of the 2,395 people that entered only 5 people could win!! Look whats on its way to my house...

Oh and dont think I've forgotten about Easter weekend...I've been sidetracked with a little health issue of Khloe's, but I think its under control so Lots and Lots of pictures are to come!!

Have a WONDERFUL DAY!!! I know I am:) :) :)

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