Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Giddy-up...Kooper's 4!!

Well Koopers cowboy party was a hit. We were planning on having it at a park but this Easter weekend had the worst weather ever so it was moved indoors to our house. We ended up having 16 kids come and it was nothing short of chaos. Here's how it all went down...

The Monday before Kooper got to take invitations to all his cousins and friends.

I got the house all decked out with cow and bandanna balloons, raffia everywhere and even a hay bail on the front porch.

As the kids arrived we handed out cowboy/cowgirl hats for everyone and punching balloons and just let them have at it while the hot dogs were cooking.

After we were all done eating we played a gold rush game with the sandbox in the garage. All the kids had to dig for a gold coin with a number on it and when they found one they took it to our banker Kevin where they got a prize.

Then it was good 'ole pinata time. I was shooting for a boot pinata this year but April 1st crept up on me a little to quick. So I found a Unicorn pinata at Kmart and tore off the horn and all the pink/purple and anything else that was girly, spray painted it brown, added some hair, hooves, bridle and saddle and giddy up...we had ourselves a horse!! I knew we'd have quite a crowd so I added a few extra layers so they'd all get a turn.

Khloe being the first to swing at it.

Madison whacking it. You can see how it lost a leg before it finally gave in. But it was successful and all the kids got a turn!

Lots of candy and toys to enjoy!

He got some amazing presents from everyone!

When everyone left they got to take home some more yummy candy and toys.

After most of the kids left we pulled out his gift from us. Some awesome cowboy boots. And he's honestly worn them everyday since.

It was a blast...and although I'm relieved its done I keep thinking I have another party to plan in 2 1/2 weeks for Kaylee. But after all that excitement this was how we all felt that night...we could have fell asleep anywhere - even the kitchen floor!!

We love you bunches and bunches!! Happy Birthday Kooper!!


K said...

Wow, it looks like it was some party! You do so many cool and creative things. You should be a kids party planner - you'd do awesome! Take care, tell everyone we said hi!

Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said... in the world Kooper did you fall asleep on the kitchen floor of all places? How funny! Looks like a fun party! Cute, cute, cute decorations and ideas!!

Debra said...

Great party need to open a party store in VERNAL!!! I'll help you run it!Happy birthday my little cowboy grandson! Grammy loves you!