Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Cowboy!!!

Today our Kooper turns a whoppin 4!! He is such a joy and is sooo excited about the fun activities we have planned today!! He chose a cowboy birthday this year and I have LOVED getting ready for it. Not to worry I'll have a bunch of pictures of his journey the past 4 years but right now I have a boy that's ecstatic about his birthday party tonight where we'll have 19 kids running around our house!! Yea- you read that right...19!! It's sure to be exciting.

Happy Birthday Koop-Dog!!
(one of our traditions is decorating their bedroom door. This is Kooper running out of his room this morning.)

Our 4 year old Cowboy!!


Michelle said...

Sorry we missed his party, we were out of town, Sounds like he had a great day! Happy Birthday Kooper!

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Debra said...

Fun, Fun, Fun...loved looking at all the pictures! The kids are all so cute...and you make so much fun for them!