Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Recent Fun Stuff

We've definitely been keeping busy around here. Spring is here along with a ton of new activities. Paul and Cindy came to visit a couple of weeks ago and I'm just getting the pictures off my phone. While they were here we went and saw the Flaming Gorge Dam. There was still a little bit of snow around but turned out to be a beautiful day.
~Paul and Kev.

~I thought this was sooo neat...frozen waterfalls!

~All the kids (and Kevin) in the car.

Then last weekend we went and did our Lowe's Clinic. That week they built Basketball Hoops!
~Kollin hard at work.

~Kaylee attaching the scoreboards.

~Their hoops!

Also last week we had a wonderful St. Patricks Day! A few days earlier we all met at Brittany's house to decorate these super cute shirts...

~My sweet girls...Khloe and Kaylee.

For breakfast we had some yummy green pancakes.

And that afternoon we went to the Rec Center for their St. Patties Day Party.
~All the kids trying to catch a duck on the Lazy River.

~What Khloe's duck got her...a St. Patties Day bear.

Outside they blew up the big 'ole bouncer for the kids to enjoy.


~I thought Khloe was amazing to be able to get up these stairs. There have been times before that Kevin and I couldn't do them. (Yes, we still like to act like children sometimes!!)

...and she made it!

Then, they set up this Putt-Putt golf course outside too. The kids LOVED this!!!

I've got lots more coming so check back soon!!

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