Friday, March 12, 2010


Its been an exciting week around here. Mainly because we've hit a new era with my darling kiddos~Kollin lost TWO teeth last week! Ohhhhh I remember when he was 1 and getting all excited because his teeth were coming in - its so sad when I realize how quickly the years are going by:(

Anyways a few weeks ago Kollin told me two of his teeth were loose. Then a few days later he had a dentist appointment where we sadly found out he was cursed with my terrible gums. I've had the worst dental problems and even though we floss and brush his teeth everyday - Kollin had his first cavity. He went in on Wednesday to have it filled and the dentist asked if he could just pull the two loose teeth...

He got Novocain in two spots and I took a hilarious video of him trying to talk with half his mouth numb but I cant seem to get it off my phone. Soooo here's him right after the dentist pulled the teeth...(he has one of those cotton balls in the place of the teeth)

And our toothless Kollin! I think its crazy how he has actual holes in his mouth. I know I know when your teeth fall out it leaves a hole but these were like craters!

I took this close up to show why the dentist was persistent to pull those two teeth. If you look hard enough you can see two adult teeth that had already broke thru his gums and were behind his baby teeth.

What he was MOST excited about....the Tooth Fairy came!!! And brought him $6 bucks! He's such a smarty-pants and figured out that it was $3 per tooth!

Thanks for being sooo tough Kol!!

And Kollin also had his first wrestling meet last week. We started him in the Tiger League here and its been exciting/emotional/frustrating and stressful. He loves the practices mainly because he has about 5 friends from school wrestling with him. His first meet was really hard on him and I think its because he didn't know what to expect. I know I wouldn't do well if someone was wrestling me in front of a big crowd. But he made it thru...I'll add with a few tears at the end...but all-in-all he made it thru.

This is him in the gray shirt.

After this meet we had a long talk with him and he explained to us that he loved practicing but doesn't enjoy actually fighting someone (totally understandable) so he wont be doing anymore meets. He only has 3 more weeks of practices and then starts soccer in April.

Also last Saturday we went Ice skating with Timmy and is family.
Tim and Allie.

Me and Khloe. Notice Kooper in the background. Kollin, Kaylee, and Kooper all were able to get out on their own this time not even touching the wall! It was awesome how much they improved from the first time.

We tried to get a picture of all of us...Sweet Jaxon couldn't stand straight without his feet slipping from under him.

Kooper and Kevin. And Madison and Kaylee in the background.

I think Khloe had wayyyy toooo much fun! She fell asleep in my arms and didn't budge for almost 2 hours after!

Even though we live in a small town we still have managed to find exciting things to do and wonderful family and friends to do them with. But the kids and I were absolute Giddy when we picked Kollin up from school today and noticed that we could see the ground at our favorite park!!! The snow is FINALLY going away!!! Giddy-Giddy-Giddy!!

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Our ABC Family said...

Dang, I want your tooth fairy! :) How exciting though to see your kids hit another big stage! Looks like you guys are having tons of fun! You sure have a cute little family!