Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Koops Itty Bitty Ball

Back in January Kooper did another session of Itty Bitty Ball at the Rec Center. I absolutely love doing this each year. Its 5 weeks of activity and each week they learn a new sport. This particular session I only did Kooper because the girls were already in a Dance class, so it was really special for him.

I don't remember the order but within those 5 weeks one of the sports they played was basketball...and I'll have you know we have a basketball star on our hands!! He made this shot!!

Seeing that I have a 4 year old who cant control his excitement I couldn't take too many pictures on the weeks that they played Baseball or tennis. I'm sooo sad that I don't have one picture of him playing tennis but I did get a video of him hitting it once...

Practicing his pitch.

Me and my sweet boy!

They did a week of Soccer (which was cake for him...its amazing how natural he is with some sports).

The last week was Golf. I was extremely leery about this because like baseball and tennis it involved a weapon. But they brought in plastic clubs and even had the pros at the local Golf Club teach them.

Here's Kooper with (as Kooper says it) a "real" golf guy!

This was one of his hole in one shots!

This is a bit blurry but the guys from the Golf course brought this training blow up thing. I dont profess to be any sort of a golfing person unless it involves the words putt-putt, but you were supposed to use a certain club and it would teach you how to hit the ball up????? (Ha ha that sounds retarded huh:) but I really dont know anything else about it:)

Dizzy the Dinosaur even came out to play with the kids. Khloe was terrified the first day, but soon got comfortable. To get her in the picture I had to jump between her and the dinosaur.

Kooper and all his Itty Bitty Ball friends - minus our sweet friend Aaden who was also TERRIFIED of Dizzy.

Kooper you did awesome as usual!! I'm sooo proud of my Itty Bitty Ball stud!!

I just had to add this picture for laughs...we went to Aadens birthday party where they got a bag full of goodies and while I was upstairs Khloe tried to fit ALL the suckers in her mouth at the same time.


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Cute pictures of Kooper... and Oh my goodness, silly Khloe. Do you give her suckers much! How cute!

Our ABC Family said...

Love the pictures! And the one of Khloe! Hilarious! Totally made me laugh. I'm glad that she enjoyed them! Its sure fun to read your blog and get to know a little bit more about you guys!