Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fun in February

Once again its taken me almost two weeks to post something new. I always thought life would become easier the older the kids get but its exhausting the schedule I've gotten myself into. Not anything hugely exciting has happened, just every day life...

Kooper just finished 5 weeks of Itty Bitty Ball (that'l be its own post) and starts outdoor soccer in April, Kaylee is doing great with preschool and is excited to start Kindergarten in the Fall and is also starting gymnastics (she's in tumbling right now but I'm excited to have her be more challenged!), Kollin wrestles Monday and Wednesdays and starts outdoor soccer in April and sweet little Khloe just goes along for the ride. I've tried getting her into some Mommy and Me classes but their all booked until May. Along with the kids schedule Kevin and I have been busy playing on a Volleyball League at the Rec Center and enjoying Kev's BBall games on Thursdays.

Also Kooper is now bald. We like to keep things interesting with him so after a bombed haircut we decided to just shave it off. He loves rubbing his hair and has told me over and over how excited he is to have spiky hair.

This past Valentines day we had lots going on. Kevin and I went to Salt Lake with some friends and got to spend two whole days shopping and walking around KID FREE! The sister of our friend offered herself to watch all the kids (6 total) for the weekend so we could get a way for a couple days. Really, Really nice!!! We got to see Stacey and Rylan and enjoy some Outback with them. It was a fast but truly exciting and incredible trip. Also, I had play group at our house with about 10 kids where they got to decorate a bag and exchange Valentines. This year the kids and I made their Valentines.

Here are the girls...

Here is Koopers...

And Kollins....(he was sooo excited to be able to make his own. I helped with the spaceship ones but the others he wrote and drew all by himself).

Khloe passing out her Valentines.

Valentines Day was simple and relaxing. The kids woke up to balloons, new slippers and a puzzle or game.

Oh and heart shaped donuts (with fruit for a healthy kick!).

This past Monday Kevin had off so we went to the Ice Skating Rink here in town. It was a little rocky at first but once Kollin, Kaylee and Kooper realized they really could do it and got over the fear of falling it was a lot of fun! Even Khloe got to use these Ice Skates that you put over your shoes so she could join us. (Some of these pictures are soooo bad. The lighting was terrible.)

Kevin and Kooper.

Khloe, me and Kaylee.

Kooper, Mikey, and Kollin.

Kaylee using a chair to practice balancing.

Khloe and Kevin.

Khloe so proud to be standing all by herself!

Oh it spring yet??? Have a lovely weekend!


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Love Kooper's new look...such a stud! I've always thought that Ice Skating would be so much fun to experience with kids. Since it's new and different (skating on ice). Was that their first time? Cute, cute pictures!!

Our ABC Family said...

Too fun! :) I love the decorations for Valentines day, what a cute idea! I'll be honest, I've had fun rubbing Kooper's spiky hair as well :) Cute kids!