Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our Holidays...the beginning

Christmas Eve we went over to Tim and Brittany's house to share a Christmas story and to open Christmas Jammies. Tim started off retelling the story of Christ's Birth and did an incredible job of making it kid friendly and keeping all 8 kid's attention. Then he smoothly (without ruining the spirit) read the traditional "Night before Christmas". Even though this year I was prepared a few months in advance, Christmas seemed to creep up so quickly. It was nice to sit with family the night before to help the kids remember what Christmas is all about but also get them excited for Santa coming.

During the week I watch two sweet little boys that are Koopers age and one day they wore a sweatshirt with a pocket in the front that your arm could go all the way thru. That whole day Kooper was buggin the heck out of them to put his arm thru their pocket, so for his jammies I got him his own pocket! And he was exctatic...

I got Kollin the same and the girls got these cute polka-dot jammies. Simple, but so exciting for them.

New Jammies. Notice Koop with his hand already thru the pocket:)

Brittany has this really cool Hot Chocolate maker and it made it taste delicious! I LOVE taking pictures of Jaxon eating...he gets so into it. Check him out lickin that candy cane...eyes closed and all:)

This year we started a new tradition with the kids. They each drew names and choose something special for $5 or less for that person. I was really proud of them and how well they did. They each were soooo excited to surprise each other with gifts.

Opening each others presents.

Koop...sooooo excited about his Road Racer.

Then we baked cookies for santa (I love how Kollin and Kaylee's are perfectly placed and Koop and Khloe's are bunched together)...

...added some milk and carrots for the reindeer.

And all that's left to do is wait for Santa!!

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