Monday, January 11, 2010

A Visit from Santa

Its been fun looking back on these pictures and I just cant believe it was almost 3 weeks ago. Christmas morning was soooo much more exciting this year. Kevin had to work last year and it seemed extremely rushed. But he was excited to be home this year and just check out what he got to enjoy...

Santa left lots of goodies for everyone this year.

All the kids at the top of the stairs patiently waiting for mommy to get her camera ready!

Khloe checking out her Kitchen that Santa brought. Just her size:)

Kaylee asked every Santa she saw (or we refer to them as Santa's Helpers) that she wanted a Hannah Montana DS. Kollin has a black one and I'm not sure where she saw this Hannah Montana DS but I don't think they exist. So don't think me as cheap but this past summer I found this pink Game boy with 3 Mario games at a Garage Sale for $25. I figured it was as close to Hannah Montana as my Christmas budget could get. She was still sooo excited.

And my little girl Khloe is just obsessed with babies as they here's a few of her favorite toys she got...

'tryin to be a baby herself...

These were my favorite gifts to the kids this year. Leap Frog has these magnetic ABC, Farm and Vehicle puzzles/games. The ABC ones are awesome for Kaylee and Kooper. It helps Koop learn the letters and the sounds and there's one that Kaylee got that helps her put 3 letter words together. And Khloe got the animal and vehicle ones that she has to match. Kevin has this "hate" towards to much on the fridge so I found a beautiful frame at a Garage Sale, painted it black and our neighbor had some extra metal board that he cut down to the size I need. This fits perfectly by our pantry where Kevin can forget that the mess is even there...Perfect!!

Kaylee's favorite gift (after her game boy of course) she's so excited to be starting Kindergarten this fall and this tag reading system will definitely get her ready. All she has to do is touch the word and it helps her sound it out and read it.

Kollin has been begging for a new game for his DS...thank you Paul and Cindy for that one!

What's the best part about Christmas???? Sitting around with family playing with new toys all day:) Good Grief...what a mess!

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Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

I saw that framed magnetic board when we came to visit... I thought you had bought it!! It makes me so sickly jealous how creative and crafty you are...why didn't I get that trait? :)