Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What do U do when your baby turns 2?!

Ohhh it brings tears to my eyes just re-living Khloe's little Birthday Party last Thursday where we celebrated her turning 2!!! She has grown so much this past year, I honestly don't know where its gone. And those terrible 2's that so many people talk about geezzz...she caught onto that really quick! Many times each day she's either in time out or getting her little lips (lightly I'll add) popped for screaming, "no'in" me or talking back (yes...she's already living the nightmare that my mom cursed me with years ago about my daughters having the same attitude as I did. I was just hoping it didn't happen until I knew how to handle it. Urrrr...thanks mom!).

Through all those frustrations she's still absolutely hilarious, smart, silly, creative and is still my little baby!! Her and Kaylee are such sweet sisters as they can already share clothes (yes - Kaylee is incredibly petite and Miss Khloe has those grab and squeeze type thighs:)!) and are constantly playing dress up and doing makeovers on each other.

Here's my sweet 2 year old on her Birthday!

I'm not sure who's more excited...Kooper or Khloe. My kids are at that age where EVERY party we go to their practically on the birthday kid opening their presents for them. SoSOssosSOSO frustrating. Yep, same thing here...Koop opened it for her.

And her obsession lately...

She LOVES babies. We probably have every one Walmart carries except for Baby Alive. She cuddles them, feeds them and LOVES pushing them around the house.

Blowing out the candles. Great picture huh...Urrrrrr. On a side note we finally purchased our video camera so the pictures will get better!!!

Enjoying some yummy ice-cream cake.

Our traditional popping the balloons with a fork. Aunt Brittany and Uncle Timmy got her this super cute dress up that she insisted on wearing to bed that night.

Awe how I love you Khloe. Happy Birthday!!!

The same night was Kevin's work Christmas Party. A huge Thank you to my sister-in-law Brittany for watching the kids so Kevin and I got to enjoy a night out.

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John said...

You look hot!!!! Happy Birthday Khloe! It seems like you were JUST pregnant with her...that is crazy!!

Love ya! Katrina