Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holly Days 2009

For so many reasons my favorite season is hands-down Christmas time! The day after Thanksgiving they have a big shin-dig here in town with activities ALL day and a parade and fireworks at night. Its such a fun way to start the Christmas season!

Kevin had to work this year again so the kids and I headed out for some fun. During the day we went downtown and got to do crafts and sidewalk chalk and even ride some ponies. It was a ton of fun so I'm sure you can imagine my frustration when my camera's batteries died! (Urrrrrr!!!)

Well that night we met up with Kev for the parade and some free hot chocolate and churros!

Mr. and Mrs. Claus being pulled in by a Motorcycle.

They had FREE hot chocolate and churros to warm us up.

You could even get some free marshmallows from the Hot Chocolate stand and roast them by the fire...

Then, our other favorite part is over at one of the main event buildings each year they set up about 8 HUGE bouncers for the kids to slide down. Of course my camera wasn't working again (I'm not kidding its REALLY time for a new one). But my amazing husband saved the day and swooped in there with his awesome work phone and took pictures of the funnest thing ever...

...Kaylee riding the bull!!! It was SOOOO cool seeing the kids up on this thing hanging on for dear life!


And Koop Dog... (he thought this was just the coolest can kind of see him smilin' behind the helmet!)

Happy Holidays!!!!!


Stacey and Kyle Nielsen said...

Lol...oh how fun! Did they fly off it all? What a blast. I bet you didn't even notice the cold!

The LeNeave's said...

Okay, when we come out to Utah this summer! We are going to have to get together, you always look like you have so much fun.
Love it and looks like fun!